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Create Memories Around an Exquisite Glass Dining Room Table!

December 13, 2014

A table is where conversations and memories are created, over food with family and friends! This year why not let Sans Soucie create a custom Glass Dining Room Table that is the centerpiece…

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Glass Top Tables featuring Custom Etched Designs!

June 11, 2014

Custom Glass Tables Tops can be a stunning yet subtle piece that brings a stylish tone to your home! You don’t have to exhaust yourself by redoing your entire space, but instead let Sans Soucie Art…

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Glass Dining Tables With Custom Designs

June 2, 2014

Glass Dining Tables can be the centerpiece for any family gathering! This traditional piece of furniture can now be custom made to create a space that displays your family’s life style! The dinner table is where…

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Glass Dining Tables With Custom Designs

January 6, 2014

Glass dining tables with custom etched, carved and painted custom designs create a stunning look to suit any decor!  Our glass dining tables are truly unique and can feature unlimited designs to coordinate with your…

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Frosted Glass Beach & Ocean Designs

December 9, 2013

Need glass shower doors? Check out these amazing designs by Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios!  Having this in your home transports you right to the ocean! This design is produced by a…

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Custom Glass Table Tops with Pizazz!

September 12, 2013

There are all kinds of custom glass table tops, but there is nothing like Sans Soucie glass table tops. There are all different types of tables and depending on how wide or long they are, will determine how many people…

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Etched Glass Doors and Tables- SouthWest Art

August 15, 2013

Most homes have a theme, that starts from the front door, runs all through the home and ends at the back door. In most cases the theme of ones home reflects the taste of the home owner. If you are…

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Custom Glass Shelves – Carved & Painted Edges

March 6, 2013

These gorgeous glass shelves are custom hand-crafted with a chiseled irregular edge and Sans Soucie’s “Moonscape” deep carved texture on the underside, also airbrushed with color in a beautiful brown tone. One that is “L” shaped made for…

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Shattered Glass Dining Table Top

March 4, 2013

This stunning glass dining table is Starphire® Clear Shattered Glass and measures 98 x 54 and is 3/4′ thick. Shipped from our studio in Palm Desert, California to Midland, Texas, this eye-catching table when viewed from different angles, gives the…

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Gorgeous Glass Reception Desk for DOS Salon

March 2, 2013

When you enter DOS Salon on El Paseo in Palm Desert, the first thing you’ll see are warm smiles and a personal greeting by one of their expert stylists or owner Dennis Ogas, but right away…

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Glass Dining Table adds fun flair to contemporary style!

February 27, 2013

This gorgeous custom glass table titled “Bubbly” 44″ in diameter and is bordered with a circle pattern approx. 7″ wide that is sandblast carved deep into the glass, then airbrushed with various shades of orange, complimenting the surrounding decor…

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Glass Dining Tables and Glass Bases

March 15, 2012

Our glass dining tables come custom etched, carved, painted and are truly one of a kind. Our glass dining tables will leave your friends and family stunned. Sans Soucie glass…

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Etched Glass Tables

February 28, 2012

Sans Soucie’s etched glass tables are all custom made to order, and available in any size. Perfect for your home or office. Click here to view Sans Soucie’s online galleries where you’ll find dozens of great…

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Glass Dining Tables

January 18, 2012

Glass dining tables by Sans Soucie Art Glass are custom made to fit any home decor. Custom etched and carved glass dining tables are…

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Custom Glass Dining Room Tables

November 4, 2011

Our custom glass dining room tables feature stunning etched , carved ,and painted glass designs. Inside Sans Soucie’s online galleries, you’ll find dozens of gorgeous, one of a kind custom designed Glass Dining Tables,…

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Glass Dinning tables with Custom Etched Designs

October 19, 2011

Our wide variety of custom etched & carved glass dinning tables are available in any shape, size and design. This elegant etched glass dining table has a great looking custom design. Geometric Isomer…

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Glass tables with chipped edge

June 7, 2011

Check out this newly completed project. These round glass tables are a matching set. Both glass tables have an irregular chipped edge, giving the glass a unique feel different from an ordinary carved glass table. Inside our …

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New Shattered Glass Table!

April 27, 2011

Take a look at this newly completed shattered glass table. The table consists of three layers of glass laminated together, they then shatter the middle piece leaving the two outer layers in tact, and the middle layer completely protected. This…

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Etched Glass Galore!

February 24, 2011

Etched glass Doors, etched glass windows, frosted glass tables and even etched glass pantry doors! At Sans Soucie the possibilities and designs are endless! Take a look at these pretty art pieces that add the…

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Etched glass in the spirit of Valentines Day!

February 9, 2011

  Check out these Etched glass tables, frosted doors and carved showers by Sans Soucie! In the spirit of Valentines Day we wanted to share all the fun jobs we’ve done in correlation with this holiday!…

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Glass Dining Table: Ribbons by Sans Soucie

November 6, 2010

This elegant etched glass dining table top by Sans Soucie Art Glass is 3D carved and painted with two colors and features an irregular Chiseled Edge all around.   Set on two “V” style glass table…

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Glass Tables with Custom Etched Carved Designs

September 1, 2010

Custom Glass Tables featuring stunning etched and carved designs by Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios are available in any shape, size and design!  The glass is sandblast 3D Deep Carved and Painted in any conceivable design!…

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Custom Glass Table Tops by Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios

December 15, 2009

Contemporary Glass Table Art Deco Glass Cocktail Table Top Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios can create a custom glass table top perfectly suited with the custom carved painted design you’re dreaming of!  Different table…

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Etched Glass Shelves & Shelving with Custom Edges

November 20, 2009

Glass Corners Shelves, etched and carved in Sans Soucie's "Moonscape" Texturer As with any of our custom glass products, glass shelving of any size, shape, thickness and design can be created for multiple uses, for any area of your…

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Glass Dining Table: Cherry Blossom Tree Design

November 12, 2009

We just finished and delivered this gorgeous Glass Dining Table top that includes a custom glass base to match, delivered and set up inside a home at PGA West in La Quinta, California.

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