Stunning Custom Glass Bar Counter Tops

A Decorative Glass Bar Counter Top by Sans Soucie  adds a beautiful, custom element to your kitchen, a business customer service area, or bar counter!  Creating a glass counter top will allow the beauty of your marble or granite counter  to show through.

The glass can be  hand sandblast etched and carved.  Sans Soucie Art Glass can add custom colors to match your decor motif.   Get creative!

Visit Sans Soucie’s Main Gallery today to see dozens of designs to choose from, in a wide range in price.  Glass is available in 3 effects, all done by sandblasting:  Solid Frost, 2D Surface etched and 3D Carved.  Watch our Sandblast Effects Video for further demonstration. Create your own custom glass, thru a beautiful work of art by Sans Soucie!  Select a design from our Gallery, or let us create a custom design, based on your specifications! Get information on pricing or contact us.

Sans Soucie Art Glass has been specializing in custom designed decorative etched glass, frosted glass, 3D carved and stained leaded glass for luxury homes and commercial projects since 1976.


Triptic Bar Top


Stunning Shattered Glass Bar Top


Checkerboard Bar Top


Triptic Bar Top