About Our Shipping & Delivery

What to Expect

When your order ships you will receive an email with the tracking number. You’ll also receive a phone call explaining the process and what to expect. Your delivery will be “Curbside”. Curbside means the driver will lower the shipment to the ground, and will place it in the area immediately adjacent to the delivery vehicle. For liability reasons, the driver, under no circumstances, is permitted to transport the shipment beyond this point. They are not permitted to bring it into your garage, home or building.

Be prepared to move your shipment from the drop off location into your home, garage or business.

If the shipment is in good condition sign and accept the shipment. All deliveries require a signature.

Open shipment within 24 hours of delivery to inspect for concealed damage. Deliveries occur on weekdays only.

Damaged Shipments

Your shipment is fully insured! WE HAVE A LESS THAN 1% DAMAGE RATE! Damage is very rare, but should you experience it, here’s what you need to know, and what to do:

  1. All damages must be reported to Sans Soucie within 24 hours of delivery to qualify for a replacement order.
  2. If the box or pallet show any damage whatsoever, open the box immediately with the driver present.

If product is damaged:

  1. Write DAMAGED on the delivery receipt and refuse the shipment.
  2. Take photos of the damaged product, this can help expedite your remake.
  3. Notify Sans Soucie immediately by emailing: orders@sanssoucie.com
  4. Send us photos by text or email. Text: 760-474-7558 – Email: orders@sanssoucie.com

Driver will take shipment back and return it to Sans Soucie.

Replacement orders take top priority and we will fulfill asap, however lead times may remain the same if your door material is not a stock item of the door frame manufacturer.

Upgrades & Fee’s

Due to liability issues, we are unable to offer Delivery upgrades. As mentioned above, the driver CANNOT bring the shipment into your home or garage.

If you miss your delivery appointment the fee is $100 for a redelivery at another time.

If you need to change your delivery address after the order has shipped, you will be charged an additional fee of $85.