How We Make our Glass!

Handmade. Handcrafted. Hand Painted Art Glass.

See how all our glass is made by hand!

About our Frosted Glass Effects

1D: Our Most Economical Effect
2D: Highly Detailed Gradient Shading
Pricing Info.
How Private is the Private Glass?
Our Effects on Pantry Door Designs
The Art of Making
Made by Hand
Privacy – About Our Options

Commercial Projects

Bank of America Tower, One Bryant Park, New York
US Presidential Seal for USS George HW Bush Aircraft Carrier
Sans Soucie on HGTV

Using Our Door Designer

Intro to our 2011 Kitchen Pantry Door Designer!
Customize a Classic Pantry Door

Painted Glass $$$$

Gluechip Background (semi-private)
Frosted Background (private)
Clear Background (not private)

Privacy Glass

Close Look at a Private Glass Door
Ribbon Reflection Moons Design – 3D Gluechip – Painted Frosted
3D Enhanced Painted Private
3D Enhanced Private
1D Private
2D Private

🌬️  3D Enhanced Effects $$$

3D Enhanced – Clear Background (not private)
Merry Christmas from the Bear Family!
3D Enhanced – Gluechip Background (semi-private)
3D Enhanced – Frosted Background (private)

🌬️  2D Effects $$

2D Clear Background (semi-private)
2D Frosted Background (private)
2D Gluechip Background (semi-private)

🌬️  3D Solid Effects $$

3D Solid Frosted Background (private)
3D Solid Clear Background (semi-private)

🌬️  1D Effects $

1D – Overview of ALL 1D Effects
1D Private
1D Pinstripe (semi-private)
1D Negative (semi-private)
1D Positive (not private)

How To’s & Helpful Info.

How to Customize a Classic Pantry Door
How to Clean Leaded Glass
How to Remove Glass from a Fiberglass Door
How to Measure a Frameless Shower Glass Door
Wide Frameless Glass Doors Must Have an OFF Set Pivot Point
About Our Lead Times

Packing, Shipping & Installations

Packing Large Glass into HexaCrate Box
Watch the Installation of Frameless All Glass Exterior Doors

Product Showcase

Glass Wall Art – Geisha II
Tree Branch Entry Doors Create a Beautiful Entry Light Show!