Frosted Glass Front Doors | Wood Front Doors with Glass

Light Up Your Entry with a Beautiful Frosted Glass Front Door

Illuminate your entryway with a frosted glass front door that offers the perfect blend of beauty, privacy, and natural light, creating an inviting and eye-catching statement for your home.

Wood Front Doors with Glass Designs in Every Decor Style

Explore our extensive library of original custom designs, each crafted to complement any décor style, ensuring your wood front door with glass perfectly suits your style.

Light Up Your Entry with a Beautiful Frosted Glass Front Door

Illuminate your entryway with a frosted glass front door that offers the perfect blend of beauty, privacy, and natural light, creating an inviting and eye-catching statement for your home.

Wood Front Doors with Glass Designs in Every Decor Style

Explore our extensive library of original custom designs, each crafted to complement any décor style, ensuring your wood front door with glass perfectly suits your style.

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Sans Soucie - Custom Designed Glass

Choose from our vast collection of designs across every decor, or let us create a brand new one-of-a-kind design per your specifications. Let us turn YOUR vision into a reality! If you can dream it, we can make it. The sky’s the limit when it comes to design.

What People Are Saying

It is stunning! Everyone comments on it

We bought frosted glass front doors from San Soucie last year for our Lake house in the woods and it is stunning! Everyone comments on it. It has become much more than just a door, it actually changes the look ... Read More

June 2022

This business is the gold standard

Absolutely stunning work !!! The etched glass doors are the highlight of my custom home and everyone raves about how beautiful and unique they are. The designer I worked with, Chauncey, was incredibly patie... Read More

Nancy W. from Naples, FL
December 2021

Loved the help received designing our frosted glass front door

We loved the help received designing our wood front door with glass! The door is just what we wanted and we are enjoying immensely. Thank you Sans Soucie!

Lesley M. from Bend, OR
November 2021


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Choosing the Right Glass for the Privacy You Need

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Frequently Asked Questions

FREE SHIPPING: What orders may not qualify?

Additional charges may apply for some rural or remote destinations, some East coast cities and oversized glass or doors (96″ or larger), or large quantities. These fees, if any, will be applied upon entering the shipping address at checkout.

How many days will my order take to ship?

15-40 business days, on average, depending on glass and door material type.

What is a Slab Door?

A slab door is just that: a door.  It doesn’t come with a bore hole, hinges or a latch. It is the responsibility of the homeowner or installer to choose the proper hardware and mount it correctly. Slab doors offer essentially a blank slate: Everything but the door type is malleable. You will want to purchase a slab door if you already have an existing door and want to replace it or if you already have jambs.  Read this article about slab and prehung doors for more details.

What is a Prehung door?

A prehung door comes already hanging on its own frame. It is a fully self contained unit, complete with a slab door, hinges and outer frame (jamb) that fits into a prepared doorway. Not included are the casing and the door knob or knob/deadbolt. You will want to purchase a prehung door if your home or building is new construction and no door has been installed in this location before. The other reason to purchase prehung is if your existing door frame (a.k.a. jamb) is damaged or warped.  Read this article about slab and prehung doors for more details.

Is the Glass Tempered?

Yes. With the exception of tables, shelves and mirrors, all glass will be tempered for safety.

Is the Glass Energy Efficient?

Yes!  See the Glass Performance Data Reports for exterior door and window glass at these links:   Dual Pane Units 1/8 over 1/8  (1D and 2D)     Dual Pane Units 3/8 over 1/8  (all 3D)  Single Pane 1/2″ Thick (Fiberglass doors)


Will my door be ready for paint or stain when it arrives?

Your Door Will Arrive Unfinished & Require Prep Work.   Prep work will include using wood filler to fill the small staple and/or nail divots that will be in the door stops where they were nailed into place to secure the glass.  It’s important to know that these as well as small imperfections or chips are a common occurrence in untreated and unfinished wood.  Wood is a natural material and can have knots, cracks and other variations that can effect the surface.  To prepare the wood for staining or primed door for for painting, it is necessary to address any small imperfections or chips.  This can also include small scuffs that occasionally occur in shipping, that may need to be sanded, or will be painted over.  This is a normal part of the prep work and should be expected.   See this sheet for examples of staple divots, small chips, scuffs or imperfections that will require filling and sanding as part of the normal prep work to be expected.

Are the doors “solid wood?”

The doors are SOLID (not hollow), but not solid WOOD. They are veneer doors.  A Veneer door is FAR better than a solid wood door because a solid wood door WILL WARP over time. The CORE of a veneer door is called an “Engineered Wood Substrate”.  The huge advantage is that unlike a SOLID WOOD DOOR, IS THIS MATERIAL IS FAR LESS PRONE TO WARPING.   See our sheet about Veneer vs. Solid Wood Door Advantages.

How thick will my front entry door be?

Exterior front entry doors will be 1-3/4″ thick.

How thick will the glass be?

Glass thickness varies by type of product and sandblast effect.  For slab and prehung doors and door glass inserts, you’ll see the glass thickness and specs listed in the product details.  The standard thickness for the vast majority of other products will be 3/8″ thick or 1/2″ thick depending on the size.   Tables are typically 1/2″ or 3/4″ thick.

What type of door material should I buy if I’m painting my door?

Primed. The door will be just that: primed white for painting. The white paint is a primer only and not a final, finish paint.

How long will it take to receive my door once I place my order?

It all depends on the Effect, Door Material and Door Size you choose.  Watch this helpful video all about our lead times for details.  Our lead time will typically range between 2-3 weeks or 6-8 depending on door size, material type and which sandblast effect.  1D and 3D solid effects will be 2-3 week lead times. All 2D and 3D Enhanced effects will be a 6-8 lead time. A custom door size (doors that are NOT 24, 28, 30, 32 or 36″ wide, and that are NOT 80″ or 96″ tall), and all other materials except Douglas Fir and Fiberglass will take 6-8 weeks. Standard Door sizes (listed previously), Doug Fir, Fiberglass, 1D and 3D Solid effects take 2-3 weeks. Shipping time will vary based on your state, and ranges from 1-5 business days.

What kind of Warranty do I get with my Door?

GLASS doesn’t have a warranty.  For a period of one year from date of shipment, all T.M. Cobb manufactured stile and rail doors shall be free of defects which render such door(s) unserviceable or unfit for ordinary recommended use.  Warranty is extended to original buyer or end user and is not transferable.  Please see the official Warranty Sheet here.

Can Sans Soucie Paint my Door?

Sorry, but no, Sans Soucie does not paint or stain the doors. They will arrive to you as natural, unfinished wood, or primed, and will require prep work.

Does Sans Soucie “make” the door frame?

No, we don’t. Our doors are purchased primarily from T.M. Cobb, a door manufacturer and wholesaler that’s been in business since 1935!

I need a door size not listed on your website. How do I get it?

Submit a Custom Quote Request by emailing us at

How thick is the wood veneer?

The veneer is 1/16” thick. This thickness allows for multiple refinishes over the life of the door.

Do you sell door knobs?

Sorry, but no.

What wood species do you sell?

Primed, Doug Fir, Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Knotty Alder and Clear Alder. For exterior doors, we also offer Fiberglass doors in two finishes: smooth surface and wood grain.  See our Wood Species Guide here.

How do I make a door purchase?

Doors and door inserts can be ordered online through our Online Door and Glass Designer. Select a product and our system will walk you thru our fun, easy to use designer where you’ll customize everything about your Door!

If I have a pre-existing rough opening, how do I know what door size to order?

The rough opening should be 2” wider and 2” taller than the size of the door. Example. A 28” x 80” door would require a 30” x 82” rough opening. This takes into account the thickness of a standard 3/4-inch door jamb on each side, giving you approximately 1/4” to 1/2” inch of room on both sides to plumb, level and square the door within the rough opening with wood wedges, called shims. See our guides: Interior Suggested Rough Openings, Exterior Suggested Rough Openings.

What should a rough opening be for a wood interior door?

2″ wider and 2″ taller than the size of the SLAB DOOR.

Should I choose wood or fiberglass for my exterior door?

Across the board fiberglass is a more practical choice for exterior doors. They resist wear and tear better are dent resistant and require little maintenance. Wood doors resist dents and scratches are easy to repair, but they are more prone to the elements and over the years require regular painting or varnishing to look their best.

How do I find a qualified door installer on my end?

Here are some recommendations:

(1)  Visit the BBB website has a list of qualified glazing contractors both accredited and non-accredited.

(2)  Contact a Contractor or Architect and they will be able to refer you to a door company they use.

(3)  Google “Door Installers”, your city, your state. You will see your local glass companies with ratings.

(4)  Ask anyone you might know if they have a recommendation for a good Door shop.

(5)  If you live in a development try asking your HOA.

Can I wait to paint or stain my door, once I receive it?

No. To prevent warping, and maintain the warranty, our door supplier requires that all doors be finish painted, stained or clear coated within 3 days of receipt. Even with their Primed products. Primed doors ARE sealed, so if stored properly, (see question about storing your door) they should be less prone to warping if left un-painted.

Can I store my door if I can’t install it right away?

Not without risk of warping and voiding the door warranty. First, the door must be painted, stained or clear coated within 2-3 days of receipt, to SEAL it and prevent warping or peeling up of the veneer layer, and to maintain the warranty.  Once that’s done, the door must ALSO be stored COMPLETELY FLAT. Put blocking under the door to keep it off the floor and prevent water damage. If it can’t be laid flat, then it must be stored perfectly UPRIGHT. No leaning. Be sure to secure it with straps so it doesn’t fall over and break. Also, the protective film is needed for a nice, finished paint job. The film should remain on the glass, but beware, after sitting for longer periods, residue will likely be left behind on the sandblasted surface when you remove it. If it does, the residue can be removed with clear acetone and microfiber towels.

Can I rush my order?

It will depend on which product AND our current workload, as to how quickly we can complete a Rushed order, but yes, glass effects with a 6-8 week lead time can be rushed for a 20% fee. Any kind of CUSTOM DOOR SIZE and door material besides primed, doug fir and fiberglass cannot be rushed. (Those are coming from the door manufacturerer and their ETAs are firm). Please call to discuss if you wish to rush a 6-8 week lead time glass effect product. We’ll do whatever we can!

Can I get a brand NEW, CUSTOM design?

Yes, you can!  In fact, the vast majority of our designs were all born out of a collaboration between our clients imagination, and our principal owner and artist, Chauncey Gannett.  A concept of what’s envisioned is conveyed thru written descriptions and visual references like photos or other art, and from that, a scale drawing is created for approval.   The scale drawing is created upon receipt of a 50% deposit to place the order, or an art retainer fee.  The art retainer fee is 10% of the total price of the product, or a minimum of $350, whichever is greater.

Click below to submit a price request for a brand new, custom.  Please allow approx. 5-8 business days to receive your quote.

Request a Quote for a Custom Design


What does “Sans Soucie” mean and how did you get that name?

“Sans Souci” is French and literally means “without concern”, meaning “without care” or “care free.”   “Soucie” is the last name of the owner’s Stepfather and Mother, who originally started the business back in the 70’s.

How did you get started in this business?

Visit our About Us page to read all about us!

Which type of glass is the most expensive you sell?

Beveled, leaded glass and stained glass. The reason? Because it’s the most labor intensive of all types of glass we create, AND the material costs are the highest. Especially beveled glass. Each piece of beveled glass is beveled by hand, using special machinery and a highly skilled hand.

Which Frosted Glass Effect is the LEAST expensive?

All our 1D Effects.

Can you see thru frosted glass?

No. Only when items are pressed right up against the glass, can you “see” them thru the obscure glass. Once a few inches away, the object becomes blurred and disappears.

Which Sandblast Effects are completely private?

The effects that are done on what we call our “Frosted Finish”, or “Private” Effects. When you select a product, next to the Effect name you’ll see the words “Private”, “Semi-Private” or “Not Private”. Look for those words at the top of the Product Details!

Which side of the glass is frosted?

The simple answer is in most cases, the sandblasting will be on the back surface of the glass. So when you approach the glass, you would reach out and feel the smooth glass surface. That said, depending on the sandblast effect you chose AND the type of product, in some cases the sandblasting will be on the FRONT surface. For example, shower glass. For showers, you want the inside surface to be smooth, plain glass so you can squeegee the water off your glass after you shower, so for showers, the sandblasting will be on the FRONT surface. The reality is, the answer is actually complicated because different effects and products call for different surfaces.

How do you paint the glass?

By hand thru airbrushing.

How do you Ship your Glass and Doors?

Your glass or door will ship fully insured by Freight delivery, and will be “Curbside”.  Here’s a helpful article about our lead times.  Some smaller glass orders like cabinet glass or shelves, will ship UPS Ground.

What do you recommend to clean the glass?

Any common household glass cleaner will do! See our Cleaning & Maintenace Sheet.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is heat treated and is about four times stronger than “ordinary,” or annealed, glass. And unlike annealed glass, which can shatter into jagged shards when broken, tempered glass fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces.

Can I cancel my order?

Only within the first 24 business-day hours of placing your order.  After 24 hours, we have a no refund, no cancellation and no return policy.  This policy is listed on our check-out page, and within the linked Terms and Conditions at check-out, as well as inside your emailed Quote (for “new” designs) and within every emailed Order Confirmation.

Why?  First and foremost because each and every product we create is custom made to order.  Nothing is Stock.  This is because there are limitless size, effect and background combinations.  With all the options and possible combination scenarios, it’s virtually impossible to stock any one of our products, in any form.

Second, because when we receive an order, we immediately get to work to fulfill your order as quickly as possible, within the estimated time frame we’ve given you.  Materials such as glass, hardware and the door frame, are in nearly all cases ordered the same day you place your order, or the following day.  Our glass vendors have a no refund policy for all glass ordered.  Period.  (Again, each piece of glass is custom-cut to order by the glass manufacturer, per piece).   Our door manufacturers give us a 48 hour window to change or cancel an order.  Hence, we allow a 24 hour window from our customers, because we only have 48 hours to notify our vendor to avoid charges.  Depending on the design and the effect you’ve chosen, we also immediately get to work on your drawing.   The very first thing we do, once materials are ordered, is create the scale drawing we need to create the stencil we use to mask the glass, to sandblast your art.  All this happens immediately, in many cases the very same day, or the next.


Get the best of both worlds: Privacy and Light! Brighten your entry with a frosted glass front door by Sans Soucie Art Glass. Shop our custom handmade frosted glass wood front doors with glass designs to suit every decor style.



  • Unique Customization: Reflects your personal style with a frosted glass design that compliments your decor.
  • Increased Home Value: Enhances your home’s appeal with unique, elegant features.
  • Light and Privacy: Brightens your entry with natural light while ensuring privacy.
  • Energy Efficiency: Provides excellent insulation and energy efficiency due to the dual pane glass which is extra thick for our 3D carved designs.
  • Durability: Unlike frosted glass film, which lasts 1-2 years, our sandblast frosted glass is 100% permanent and highly durable.  It lasts forever!
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Adds artistry and sophistication to your home’s exterior.
  • Low Maintenance: Frosted glass is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Learn More About the Benefits of Frosted Glass



Our designs are not clip art or machine-generated. Each piece is a handmade, unique work of art, custom designed for our distinguished clientele of homeowners and commercial developers. All designs for our frosted glass front doors are available in a variety of effects, offering different levels of privacy and pricing. Choose an effect that completely obscures the glass surface or one that leaves segments clear. Find the perfect design from our vast collection or let us create a one-of-a-kind design to your specifications. Request a Quote for a Custom Design



All glass for our glass front doors will be a dual pane, insulated glass unit, consisting of two layers of glass separated by a spacer, creating an insulating air space that significantly reduces heat transfer. For our 1D and 2D designs, the dual pane unit will be made up of two pieces of 1/8″ thick tempered glass. For our 3D and painted designs, one pane is 3/8″ thick tempered glass, enhancing energy efficiency and sound insulation. A great added benefit!  In the case of our Fiberglass doors, the max glass thickness they can hold is 1/2″, therefore, the glass will be 1/2″ thick tempered glass.  This very thick glass provides virtually the same energy efficiency as the dual pane unit.



Our frosted glass front doors are available as slab doors or prehung doors, in 2 fiberglass finishes, 8 wood types, and any size. Exterior slab and prehung wood front doors with glass arrive unfinished, ready for paint or stain.  Wood Species  Guide – Slab and Prehung Doors  



Understanding the difference between prehung and slab doors is crucial.

  • Prehung Doors: These come attached to a frame, making installation simpler. Ideal if your door frame is damaged or for new construction.
  • Slab Doors: Simply the door itself, perfect for replacing an old door if the frame is in good condition. Offers more customization.

Here’s some helpful articles where you can learn more about slab and prehung doors:

Everything You Need to Know About Parts of a Door

Choosing the Right Size Door for Your Interior or Exterior Prehung Door: A Step-by-Step Guide

Slab and Prehung Doors – What’s the Difference and What You’re Getting

Prehung vs Slab Doors: A Guide to Understanding What’s Best for Your Home

slab door with frosted glass insert and what you get when creating a glass door Sans Soucie

prehung single and double exterior front entry glass doors


Our door designer tool guides you through customizing every aspect of your door, updating the image as you make selections.

  • Choose a frosted glass design from our library or create a new one with our artists.
  • Select your type of glass effect: frosted, etched, 3D carved, stained, or beveled glass.
  • Choose between a single or double door.
  • Measure the width and height of your opening.
  • Select door material: primed, eight wood types, or fiberglass.
  • Decide on a prehung exterior door in the jamb or an exterior slab door.
  • For prehung doors, determine the swing direction and hinge finish. Our tool provides graphic illustrations for these options.



Our frosted glass front doors and wood front doors with glass are available as prehung doors and slab doors, catering to all installation needs. Prehung doors come with the frame, hinges, and door slab assembled, ensuring easy installation. Prehung pairs will ship “knocked down,” meaning unassembled. Slab doors can be ordered to fit any existing frame. Choose a frosted glass front door by Sans Soucie Art Glass for beauty, quality, and functionality.



Not finding exactly what you’re looking for? We specialize in creating custom designs tailored to your specifications. In fact, that’s how all our designs came about! Each one was a unique collaboration between our client and our artists, and we’d love to do the same for you. Provide a detailed description and a visual reference, and we’ll create your perfect frosted glass front door, custom designed to complement your decor and suit your unique style.  Request a Quote for a Custom Design



Lead times for our frosted glass front doors and wood front doors with glass range from 3 to 8 weeks. Customize your door in our designer, and the estimated lead time will update to reflect your choices.  Learn more about our lead times



Enjoy free shipping from our Studio in Palm Desert, California, on most orders of our frosted glass front doors and wood front doors with glass. All doors ship fully insured via freight curbside delivery, custom-packed in-house by our glass experts. With nearly 50 years of experience, we’ve perfected our packing systems and procedures, boasting a less than 1% damage rate.  Learn more about Shipping and Delivery



You’ll be able to place your order online in the final step. Your frosted glass front door will ship in approximately 3-8 weeks, depending on the glass effect and door type.



Paint or stain the door frame of your frosted glass front door right away and store it flat to avoid warping. The glass etching will be covered with a protective film that should stay in place while you paint or stain. When finished, carefully cut away the film.



Installing glass front doors is complex, so we highly recommend hiring a professional door installer.

Installing a Prehung Door:

  1. Preparation: Remove the old door and frame, and clean the opening.
  2. Fit the Frame: Position the prehung door, ensuring it is level.
  3. Secure the Frame: Nail or screw the frame into place, ensuring smooth operation.
  4. Finish: Install the handle and hardware, then caulk and paint or stain.

Installing a Slab Door:

  1. Preparation: Measure and mark hinge positions.
  2. Cut Hinges: Chisel recesses for the hinges.
  3. Attach Hinges: Screw the hinges onto the door and frame.
  4. Fit the Door: Check the fit and adjust as necessary.
  5. Finish: Install the handle and hardware, then paint or stain.



We are confident that you will be delighted with your frosted glass front door. Each door serves as a stunning focal point, adding a “wow” factor to your home. Our wood front doors with glass and frosted glass front doors are crafted with the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they beautifully enhance your space. Thank you for choosing Sans Soucie Art Glass!