Slab and Prehung Doors – What’s the Difference and What You’re Getting

Here at Sans Soucie we’ve taken the guess work out of creating and installing Frosted Glass Doors. Knowing what’s included when you purchase Slab and PreHung Doors will help you better understand how to prepare for and install your perfect Frosted Glass Door. In this article we’ll show you exactly what you’ll be getting in order to make the process simple and easy!

What’s a Book (a.k.a. Slab) Door?

Let’s first start out with the basics… What is a Book or a Slab? A Slab is a suitable Glass Door for either a remodel where you remove and replace an existing door and your existing jamb is in good condition. Or, a Slab door can be used with new construction where your jamb is already in place, or if you’re purchasing the jamb elsewhere. There is no bore hole for a knob, no hinge cut outs, and no jamb.

packing list book slab door with frosted glass by Sans Soucie

INTERIOR Single Pre-Hung Door And What’s Included

When choosing to go this route, our Interior Single Pre-Hung Door will come “installation ready”! This means it will be completely assembled, with attached hinges and matching veneered jamb. The Interior Single Pre-Hung Door will be bored for a knob, along with your decorative glass pre-installed.

packing list whats included with interior single prehung door frosted glass door Sans Soucie

EXTERIOR Single Pre-Hung Door And What’s Included

Your Exterior Single Pre-Hung Door is hinged and hanging in it’s own frame (a.k.a. the jamb pieces). This package will include everything from hinge, lock, and matching jambs. You’ll also find hinge cut-outs on the door. You Exterior Door will be double bored for the knob, prepped for strike plate, weathering stripping, door sweep, and aluminum sill.

packing list exterior single pre-hung door frosted glass door Sans Soucie

INTERIOR Pre-Hung Door Pairs And What’s Included

These Interior Glass Double Door Pairs will ship as two Slab Doors, together with the jamb pieces and hinges. But, the jamb will be UNASSEMBLED for better shipping. The hinges however will be attached to the jamb. Your will be receiving: Two slabs/book doors with decorative glass pre-installed, hinge cut outs, wood doors with matching veneered jambs, primed doors with matching primed jambs, a flat astragal, and hinges.

packing list interior pre-hung door pairs frosted glass double doors Sans Soucie

Exterior Pre-Hung Door Pairs And What’s Included

Your beautiful Exterior Pre-Hung Door Pairs will ship UNASSEMBLED (a.k.a. “Knocked Down). These double doors will ship as two slab doors together with jamb pieces and hinges. The jamb will be unassembled (for better shipping) and the hinges will be attached to the jamb. You can expect to receive: Hinge, lock, and top matching jambs, hinge cut outs on each door, a double bored area for a knob, and doors prepped for a striker plate. You’ll also get weatherstripping, door sweep, T Astragal, and aluminum sill.

packing list exterior pre-hung door pair frosted glass double doors Sans Soucie

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