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We Believe in the Art of Making

At Sans Soucie Art Glass we've always believed in the Art of Making. Every grain of sand engraves a permanent work of art into the beautiful etched glass. For us, art is functional. Your home should tell your story. From our hands to your home. Let us help tell your story.

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How the Sans Soucie process works

Our shop experience walks you thru a fun and easy process to custom design your art glass piece!

Privacy Levels

Get the Privacy you need, without sacrificing Light! Glass Finish Background and Effect you choose sets the privacy.

Sandblast Effects

We create our Art Glass through sandblast etching and carving. Honing our craft since 1976, we’ve developed different effects. Each one requires different levels of skill and time, making it possible to offer our designs in a wide price range.

Sans Soucie 1D


Sans Soucie 2D


Sans Soucie 3D


Sans Soucie 3D Enhanced

3D Enhanced

Sans Soucie 3D Painted

3D Painted

Sans Soucie 3D Enhanced Painted

3D Enhanced Painted

What People Are Saying

Thanks for adding your art to the world

Hello all! We just took some pics of our beautiful door you made and I wanted to send them to you. At some point when our project is done we will take better ones but we are unsure how long that will take given the circumstances. So I thought you might want to see for now! We live in monarch butterfly town and the door came out perfectly!!! It was so great working with all of you as well. Thank you so much for your art, expertise and help. I hope the pandemic doesn’t affect you too much though I imagine it will. We need all the beauty and joy we can get so thanks for adding your art to the world. We love, love, love our totally unique, personalized, amazing door.

Maggie M.
Cherry Blossom III Door & Window

It looks fantastic!

We’re very excited to have our pantry door. It looks fantastic! Customer service is really nice from the beginning to the end of ordering. I called with several questions and all were answered with a friendly tone. The door was fabricated and shipped in the expected time and the dimensions are right on.

Greg M.
Apple Pie Pantry Door

I will be a repeat customer!

Beautiful work, high quality, and delivered as promised! I will be a repeat customer!

Franklin K.
Panes Interior Door

Very professional

Very professional sales people, we are satisfied with the quality of the work they did with our order. We highly recommend them.

Irshad A.
Crosshatch Glass Insert
Sans Soucie Commissions

Commercial Commissions

For over 40 years we've partnered with architects and design firms creating unique pieces for high profile commercial projects across the US and abroad.