Can I get a brand NEW, CUSTOM design?

Yes, you can.  The vast majority of our designs were born out of a collaboration between our clients imagination, and our principal owner and artist, Chauncey Gannett.  A concept of what’s envisioned is conveyed thru written descriptions and visual references like photos or other art, and from that, a scale drawing is created for approval.   The scale drawing is created upon receipt of a 50% deposit to place the order, or an art retainer fee.  The art retainer fee is 10% of the total price of the product, or a minimum of $350, whichever is greater.

Click below to submit a price request for a brand new, custom.  Please allow approx. 5-8 business days to receive your quote.

Request a Quote for a Custom Design


How do I get a Quote for products I can’t buy online?

You’ll submit a Quote Request, thru our browse and shop experience!   Our shop experience walks you thru a process that allow you to either purchase the product in the final step (framed doors and glass inserts), or, it will gather your product info. as you go, then ask you to finalize and submit a price request when all selections have been made.  During the last quarter of 2019 and early 2020, we’ll be rolling out new product designers allowing for more and  more online purchases!

Can I order a CUSTOM DOOR SIZE? (not showing in our online builder)

Yes, you can.  It will require a custom quote from the manufacturer.  Those unique, custom sizes will have a delivery ETA of approx. 8 weeks or more, as they are custom ordered and built by the manufacturers.  Click the link below to submit a quote request.

Request a Quote for a Custom Door Size

What is the average turn-around or lead-time?

Anywhere from 3-9 weeks.  Our wide range of effects and pricing, means a wide range of turn-around.  It also depends on the design, whether you go with a stock design, or we’re creating a brand new one.

How do I place an order?

For framed doors and inserts, purchases are made online.  Soon in 2020, other products will too!  For now, our shop experience will prompt you to submit a price request, a Quote will be emailed, and you’ll be able to place your order thru the emailed Quote.

Can I cancel my order?

Only within the first 24 business-day hours of placing your order.  After 24 hours, we have a no refund, no cancellation and no return policy.  This policy is listed on our check-out page, and within the linked Terms and Conditions at check-out, as well as inside your emailed Quote (for “new” designs) and within every emailed Order Confirmation.



First and foremost because each and every product we create is custom made to order.  Nothing is Stock.  This is because there are limitless size, effect and background combinations.  With all the options and possible combination scenarios, it’s virtually impossible to stock any one of our products, in any form.

Second, because when we receive an order, we immediately get to work to fulfill your order as quickly as possible, within the estimated time frame we’ve given you.  Materials such as glass, hardware and the door frame, are in nearly all cases ordered the same day you place your order, or the following day.  Our glass vendors have a no refund policy for all glass ordered.  Period.  (Again, each piece of glass is custom-cut to order by the glass manufacturer, per piece).   Our door manufacturers give us a 48 hour window to change or cancel an order.  Hence, we allow a 24 hour window from our customers, because we only have 48 hours to notify our vendor to avoid charges.  Depending on the design and the effect you’ve chosen, we also immediately get to work on your drawing.   The very first thing we do, once materials are ordered, is create the scale drawing we need to create the stencil we use to mask the glass, to sandblast your art.  All this happens immediately, in many cases the very same day, or the next.

How will my order be delivered?

Your order will ship via Freight Delivery.  Cabinet glass or rare, small items will ship UPS Ground.

When your order ships you will receive an email with a tracking number.

Your delivery will be “Curbside”.  “Curbside” means the driver will lower the shipment to the ground, and will place it in the area immediately adjacent to the delivery vehicle.  For liability reasons, the driver, under no circumstances, is permitted to transport the shipment beyond this point.   They are not permitted to bring it into your garage, home or building.

Be prepared to move your shipment from the drop off location into your home, garage or business.

If the shipment is in good condition sign and accept the shipment. All deliveries require a signature.

Open shipment within 24 hours of delivery to inspect for concealed damage. Deliveries occur on weekdays only.

What if my Shipment is Damaged?

Your shipment is fully insured!  WE HAVE A LESS THAN 1% DAMAGE RATE!  Damage is very rare, but should you experience it, here’s what you need to know, and what to do:

    1. All damages must be reported to Sans Soucie within 24 hours of delivery to qualify for a replacement order.

    2. If the box or pallet show any damage whatsoever, open the box immediately with the driver present.

If product is damaged:

    1. Write DAMAGED on the delivery receipt and refuse the shipment.

    2. Take photos of the damaged product, this can help expedite your remake.

    3. Notify Sans Soucie immediately by emailing: orders@sanssoucie.com

    4. Send us photos by text or email. Text: 760-474-7558     Email: orders@sanssoucie.com

Driver will take shipment back and return it to Sans Soucie.

Replacement orders take top priority and we will fulfill asap, however lead times may remain the same if your door material is not one that is a stock item of the door frame manufacturer.

Is the Glass Tempered?

Yes!  For products such as doors, windows and showers where safety glass is required, glass will always be tempered.

How thick will the glass be?

Glass thickness varies by type of product and sandblast effect.

See our Surface and Glass Spec sheet for detailed info.

Is the Glass Energy Efficient?

Yes!  See the Glass Performance Data Reports below:

Dual Pane Units 1/8 over 1/8  (1D and 2D)

Dual Pane Units 3/8 over 1/8  (all 3D)

Single Pane 1/2″ Thick (Fiberglass doors)


Will you deliver and install my glass?

We will deliver and install within a 30 mile radius of our Studio in Palm Desert, California.  Our in-house team delivers and installs the following products:

  • Door Glass Inserts
  • Windows
  • Tables
  • Shower Panels
  • Mirrors (small to med)

In order to meet our sales volume and avoid longer wait times, we out-source the installation of our remaining products to Midwest Glass, a locally owned and operated, highly reputable glass company we’ve known and worked with for many, many years.  We act as liaison, but they will communicate direct, to set up appointments both for measuring and to deliver & installation when your glass is finished.

  • Glass Barn Doors
  • Shower Doors
  • Shower Enclosures
  • Frameless Doors
  • Shelves
  • Mirrors (large)

Will your glass provide PRIVACY?

YES! That’s why it’s called “Art With a Function” and one of the great advantages and uses of etching and/or carving the glass!

The different glass finishes we offer provide varied levels of privacy, as well as the sandblast effect itself.  Find privacy level info. inside each product listing.

How do you etch the glass?

We create our designs thru sandblast etching and carving.   Using sand as their sculpting tool, our artists etch, cut and carve the design into the glass.  The white surface obscures the glass, diffuses light and eliminates glare – creating privacy without blocking light, thru a beautiful Work of Art Captured in Glass!  See our Effects.

Do you sell wholesale (give discounts to the trade)?

Yes!  Wholesale pricing is available to designers and general contractors who are repeat customers that are re-selling our work. Please contact us for details.

Where are you located?

We are located in Palm Desert, California at 73-700 Dinah Shore Drive, Suite 203, near the intersection at Monterey Avenue, in the “Gateway Industrial Park. (see Map & Directions for details).

What does “Sans Soucie” mean and how did you get that name?

“Sans Souci” is French and literally means “without concern”, meaning “without care” or “care free.”

Can You Use My Glass?

YES, but in nearly all cases this is not necessary.  Starting with brand new glass is the best route.

How can I get a brochure?

Download a PDF of our Brochure, or call us at (760) 328-3399 and we’ll be happy to mail you one.