Frosted Glass Effect Highlight: 1D

One thing’s for sure at Sans Soucie, we give you a whole lot of options to choose from, through our various methods of Frosted Glass effects we’ve developed throughout the years. Bear in mind that all our glass is made by hand thru the art of sandblast etching and carving. Nothing is machine made or manufactured.

In this article, we’re featuring our 1D Effect. Click the image below to see our 1D Effect highlight video!

1D Frosted Glass Effect Demo Video – 1 min 30 seconds

There’s several different ways we execute 1D, each one providing a different look and level of privacy. 1D is a name that we have created. This effect was formally called, and can also be referred to as a “solid frost”. It IS what most people think of when they envision frosted or etched glass.

First, there’s 1D Positive, where the design elements are solid, white shapes, and the background is clear.

1D Positive

Next, we have 1D Negative, which is the opposite or reverse. The design elements are clear, and the background is frosted.

1D Negative

There’s a few exceptions depending on the design, but in most cases, negative will be more private than positive. See our examples below of our Wispy Tree and Cherry Tree designs, set side by side. You can see how different designs will provide different levels of privacy. Wispy Tree’s thin branches provide ample privacy for many applications where total privacy isn’t needed. Cherry Tree does as well, but you can see the shape and size of the leaves create a larger segment of clear glass that can be seen thru.

Privacy Comparison between 1D Positive and 1D Negative

Next we have our 1D Pinstripe effect.  With this effect, the design elements are made up of thin, clear pinstripes, approximately an-eighth-of-an-inch thick.  

1D Pinstripe

This effect is considered semi-private, because while the majority of the glass is frosted and obscure, when you get right up against the glass, you’ll be able to peer thru those thin pinstripes and see what’s on the other side.  From a distance however, the view is obscured. This beautiful large tub and shower window demonstrates well how private the 1D Pinstripe effect can be.

1D Pinstripe Effect – Sun Odyssey Design. View from both outside and inside, this is a large corner window for a tub and shower combo.

For total privacy, we sandblast our 1D Positive effect on a piece of glass that’s etched on the other side.  The result, is 1D Private. This creates total obscurity in the glass with no clear areas that are see-through. If you press your hand right up against the glass, you’ll be able to see the shape and a clear impression of your hand. But, once you pull your hand away, at approx. 4-5″, it becomes hazy, and by 12″ away, completely obscure. That means this glass is perfect for just about anywhere you need total privacy without sacrificing light. Check out our demo video “How Private is Frosted Glass?”

1D Private
1D Private Frosted Glass Front Entry Doors – Wispy Tree Design

Since 1D is a single stage sandblast, requiring much less time and skill than higher end effects such as 2D and 3D Enhanced, it’s also the lowest price effect we offer. This means you get the advantage of having one of our beautiful custom frosted glass designs, in a lower, more economical price range, at whatever privacy level you need!