Glass Dining Tables With Custom Designs

Glass Dining Tables can be the centerpiece for any family gathering! This traditional piece of furniture can now be custom made to create a space that displays your family’s life style! The dinner table is where your family gathers to have memorable conversations, connect with one another and remember what it’s like to talk without texting!

Sans Soucie Art Glass creates some of the most exquisite, elegant etched, frosted and deep 3D carved glass tables available out there today! They can create a Glass Table that will coordinate with any style of surrounding furniture in your home! Your options are endless! Sans Soucie even offers a variety of signature design Custom Hand Chiseled Edges! Your table can be whatever shape, size, color, etc… You design it, they’ll create it! With over 35 years plus of experience, let them show you how a luxury custom table is done!

Their Various Effects are sure to impress and will bring an ambiance to any family dining room! Why should your china plates and crystal stemware, be the only things that are custom made! Let Sans Soucie make your table into so much more! They might not be able to help with the constant table texting, but at least you’ll be eating off of a worthy piece of art!


custom glass dining table
Iceberg Edge Dining Table (Close up)
glass table abstract design
Iceberg Edge Dining Table
round glass dining table orange circles
Bubbly II
round glass table geometric border
Bubbly II (Close up)