Sleek and Sophisticated 101: The Allure of Modern Interior Glass Doors

June 29, 2023

We've got the all the info. you'll need to elevate your space, with the sleekest and most sophisticated Modern Interior Glass Doors! Modern Design emerged in the late 19th, to the early 20th century! It was a response to the historically orna…

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Glass Bathroom Counter – Triptic design

May 12, 2014

Sans Soucie Art Glass Studio is always on trend and pushing the envelope in design! Why not take your old Bathroom Counter top to the next level with a bold art glass design! This Triptic Design can be created on anything from stunning Glass …

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Glass Dining Tables With Custom Designs

January 6, 2014

Glass dining tables with custom etched, carved and painted custom designs create a stunning look to suit any decor!  Our glass dining tables are truly unique and can feature unlimited designs to coordinate with your dining room or living room…

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Decorative Bathroom Mirrors l Living Room Mirrors

January 6, 2014

Decorative mirrors for bathroom and bedroom featuring hand etched and carved designs by Sans Soucie will add a unique custom piece to your decor!   Two very different mirrors shown here, both feature color that will definitely be eye catching…

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art glass sculpture sans soucie

Art Glass Sculptures – Custom Frosted Glass

December 26, 2013

Art glass sculptures can be created in any imaginable shape, style and size with an etched frosted glass, carved design.  Effects are sandblasted different ways, creating different effects and pricing.  This sculpture, "Rugged Retre…

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Unique Glass for the Home! Glass Sculptures

November 7, 2013

These days, wanting that special, unique item that no one else has is standard practice. Glass sculptures are one of those items!  We all want to be set apart and show our individuality through art, clothing, just about everything. These uniq…

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Glass Panels Separate with Style!

September 28, 2013

Modernize your home with beautiful frosted glass panels!  They provide privacy and are a stunning, custom touch! Etched Glass has a way of bringing in a custom element to any home.  An art glass panel is absolutely useful in creatin…

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Frosted Glass Panels and Doors with Abstract Art

August 21, 2013

The abstract design is unique in the way it lays on Sans Soucie's glass products. The frosted glass designs provide a stunning appearance on any kind of glass. It provides needed privacy and can transform any mirror into a piece of art. Most…

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Exterior Doors make a great first impression!

May 8, 2013

What is generally the first thing that a guest notices when approaching your home? The Entry Door! Whether it is the main entrance to your courtyard or your front door, it doesn't go unnoticed! Sans Soucie Art Glass can help you make a f…

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Gorgeous Glass Reception Desk for DOS Salon

March 2, 2013

When you enter DOS Salon on El Paseo in Palm Desert, the first thing you'll see are warm smiles and a personal greeting by one of their expert stylists or owner Dennis Ogas, but right away you can't help but notice this stunning glass recepti…

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Divide With Style using Etched Glass Partitions

February 27, 2013

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="280"] Suspended - Glass Partitions[/caption]  There is a false notion that glass partitions makes for a plain, boring look. The fact is that glass has flexibility that other resources cannot match.  An …

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Glass Entry Doors: A New Way to Make an Entrance!

January 25, 2013

When choosing an entry door most would think to have a solid wood door, but here at Sans Soucie we know Glass Makes all the difference. So thats why we made our Entry Door Designs fit any type of decor or imagination.  For example our 10…

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Glass Doors – Privacy Through Abstract Etched Glass

January 17, 2013

Glass Doors are a beautiful and elegant way of adding value to any room, but what about Privacy? Naturally a plain door will give you privacy for the room in which it for, but I you want your entrance to that room to grip peoples attention an…

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New Glass Doors in Our Online Door Designer!

December 19, 2012

Excited to Show everyone the Hundres of Designs that have been Uploaded to Our Specialty Glass Doors page on our Site!  These Designs are all Magnificent!  Very Skillfully crafted by Our Team of Artist, that Etch, Carve, Color, and Frost all …

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Renovate the Home with Glass Doors

November 9, 2012

If you are looking to redesign a Master Bathroom or Renovate the Entry to your Home, I would always consider placing something in the space of the room that is eye catching, elegant, enthralling, and yet unique.  At Sans Soucie we have a wide…

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Carved Curved Glass by Sans Soucie Art Glass

October 31, 2012

Want to create a "spa-like" retreat in your Master Bath? Sans Soucie Art Glass can create this  impressive, dramatic , curved glass shower for you!   This curved glass shower was designed to  command attention as you enter…

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Etched and Carved Glass Wall Partition Adds Privacy

October 15, 2012

Custom Etched Glass Partions are a fantastic way to separate an area. Depending on whether you want  to create a private area or simply add a beautiful custom look. Our custom etched  glass will suit any situation. Heres a great example of a …

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Door Glass : Works of Art Captured in Glass!

October 14, 2012

Etched, carved and stained art glass is the perfect solution for entry doors ... a place where you want to to enjoy natural light coming into the entry area, yet at the same time have the privacy you need. Any design can be executed  for the …

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Custom Glass Shelves by Sans Soucie Art Glass

October 8, 2012

Amazing, how beautiful Color to the carved area allowing it to complement your existing decor! Sans Soucie Art Glass has been specializing in custom designed decorative etched glass, frosted glass, 3D carved and stained leaded glass for luxu…

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Frameless Etched Glass Doors by Sans Soucie :: First Impressions Count!

October 3, 2012

Frameless Glass Doors • Entry and Interior Doors First impressions count!  Whether it's front entry or interior glass doors, the first focal point of any entry is the DOORS!  From simple frosted designs to 3D sculpted glass, Sans Soucie turn…

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Glass Doors with Freeform Etched Glass Designs

September 17, 2012

At Sans Soucie Art Glass decorative glass doors you will find beautiful works of art captured in glass. Glass pantry doors, interior glass doors , and glass entry doors we have what you are looking for.  If custom is what  you have in mind we…

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Custom Showers with Frosted Glass Designs

August 29, 2011

Let Sans Soucie Art Glass turn your plain glass shower into an exquisite work of art, with one of their custom showers etched, carved glass designs!  Everything is custom, so there's no limit to design style, size, or type of configuration.  …

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Etched Glass Doors – 3D Carved Metamorphosis Design by Sans Soucie

July 28, 2011

This etched glass door features a sandblasted, 3D carved glass design by Sans Soucie called "Metamorphosis".  One of our most popular designs, this glass provides privacy through beautiful carved and frosted glass abstract textures and gluech…

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Curved Etched Glass Shower Partition :: Sans Soucie Abstract Hills

June 4, 2011

This Etched & Carved Curved Glass Shower Partition by Sans Soucie Art Glass of Palm Desert, California, measures 78-1/4" wide with the curve, and 78-1/4" tall x 1/2" thick clear LAMINATED glass. The glass is 3D Carved, Etched and Gluechip…

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Abstract Etched glass Window! Check out the new pics.

April 18, 2011

Take a look at this abstract Carved window glass. The wavy bands are carved into the glass by sandblasting and the obscure back ground is gluechipped. This creates privacy and obscurity. To see more etched glass like carved doors or etched gl…

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