Decorative Bathroom Mirrors l Living Room Mirrors

Decorative mirrors for bathroom and bedroom featuring hand etched and carved designs by Sans Soucie will add a unique custom piece to your decor!   Two very different mirrors shown here, both feature color that will definitely be eye catching!   One of the mirrors below features an abstract style design “Brilliant Brushes”. The other one is a beautiful asian style Bonsai tree mirror that’s carved into a black mirror, with tree bushels that feature a hint of gold that give those segments a nice pop!

With no limit to style or size, any design can be custom created to suit your decor.  Sans Soucie showcases a huge collection of custom mirrors inside their online Mirrors Gallery.  Creating custom designed etched glass art since 1976, Sans Soucie has a huge selection of design archives.  And while you’re inside the gallery check out all the other great art glass pieces that the Sans Soucie team creates. They can carve into any piece of glass transforming it into a piece of art that will add a custom element to your home!

mirror abstract pattern border brilliant brushes
Brilliant Brushes Primary Decorative Mirror
mirror tree bonsai
Bonsai Tree Black Mirror