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Glass Signs with Your Custom Logo

June 6, 2014

Glass Signs with a custom logo are a great way to set your company apart! As a business owner you’ve invested time, money and countless hours racking your brain on how to make your business standout…

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Glass Wall Art – Good Samaritan depicted at Loma Linda University

January 8, 2014

Sans Soucie was commissioned to create this stunning etched glass wall art piece for one of the most respected medical universities in the United States, Loma Linda University in Murrieta, California.   The University is not only…

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Glass Signs :: Custom Glass Sign features beautiful Stallion

January 6, 2014

Glass signs by Sans Soucie can feature any design or logo and come in all shapes and sizes!  This breathtaking horseshoe shape glass sign is hand made etched glass and carved glass with polished edges that follow the shape of…

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Glass Signs by Sans Soucie

August 28, 2013

Sans Soucie not only does all types of glass doors including pantry doors and glass front doors, glass signs, dining tables, and glass windows, our talented artists are able to etch on glass and paint it any color. The interesting thing about this piece is that the artist etched all names on the front surface, and then painted the back surface of the glass green so that the lettering is clearly visible from a far distance.

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Etched Glass and Painted Glass Signs

August 13, 2013

Sans Soucie not only does all types of glass doors including pantry doors and glass front doors, glass signs, dining tables, and glass windows, our talented artists are able to etch on glass and…

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natural history museum glass donor plaques sans soucie art glass

Natural History Museum Los Angeles – Glass Donor Plaques by Sans Soucie

March 5, 2013

In May 2012 Sans Soucie Art Glass was commissioned by TFN Architectural Signage of Santa Ana to create glass donor plaques for display in the main entry of the museum.* The glass is sandblast deep carved…

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USG Logo carved Glass Sign by Sans Soucie

March 4, 2013

This glass sign was created for USG Corporation international building product manufacturer, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.  Commissioned in September 2012, Sans Soucie Art Glass created the custom sign using 3/8″ thick glass that is 36 x 24 with polished edges.  The…

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Eye Catching Glass Logos & Signs

January 30, 2013

One of the Key components of marketing your company is your Logo.  They are pictures or words that encompass everything that your business is. They are your Brand Name. They help define who you are as a company!  Sans Soucie knows this and we…

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Custom Glass Signs

April 11, 2012

If your looking for a custom sign for your business then look no further then Sans Soucie Art Glass. Custom glass signs by Sans…

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Decorative Glass Signs

April 4, 2012

Decorative HERE to view our online of gallery of past signs that we have done. U.S. Presidential Seal Glass Sign Cheesecake Factory Glass Sign Ichiban Steakhouse Glass Signs  …

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Frosted Glass Signs

January 19, 2012

Frosted glass signs can really set your business apart from the rest. Custom made for your business etched, carved, and frosted…

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Setting Etched Glass Standards for 30 Years

March 11, 2011

For 30 years Sans Soucie has been setting the standard for etched glass and carved glass in the coachella valley and around the world!  Commissioned for jobs like the Presidential seal on the USS George HW…

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Etched glass in the spirit of Valentines Day!

February 9, 2011

  Check out these Etched glass tables, frosted doors and carved showers by Sans Soucie! In the spirit of Valentines Day we wanted to share all the fun jobs we’ve done in correlation with this holiday!…

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Etched Glass Sign: Carved & Painted Logo

December 2, 2010

This etched glass sign by Sans Soucie Art Glass features a 3D carved and painted logo of Sutter Wealth Management.

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Etched-Carved Glass Partition Panels: Sullivan’s Steakhouse Seattle

November 13, 2010

Earlier this year, Sans Soucie Art Glass was commissioned to create these gorgeous sandblast etched and deep 3D Carved Glass Panel Partitions for Sullivan’s Steakhouse of Seattle, Washington.  The glass features the elegant Sullivan’s…

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Spotlight 29 Casino – Carved & Painted Glass Door by Sans Soucie

November 13, 2010

This all glass, frameless door is 3D Deep Carved and Painted with the Spotlight 29 Casino Logo by Sans Soucie Art Glass.  The deep shades of yellow and…

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Etched Carved Glass Sign: Washington State Employees Credit Union

July 22, 2010

Sans Soucie Art Glass created a 3D Carved Etched Glass Sign of the seal of the Washington State Employees Credit Union in the spring of this year.  This gorgeous sign is wall mounted using stand off posts and is 3D,…

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Glass Sign 3D Carved & Painted Glass “La Quinta ENT”

May 15, 2010

This glass is a reception area glass panel, that’s been sandblast frosted, 3D Carved and painted, was created for the “La Quinta ENT” medical office of La Quinta, Californa. This 3D art glass sign not only…

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Custom Glass Signs: Your Name in Lights!

November 30, 2009

Custom Glass Signs that are sculpture carved and painted. The background is solid frost sandblasted. Sans Soucie specializes in custom made, etched and carved glass signs that are engraved through sandblasting the letters and/or logo onto the glass.  The…

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Etched Glass for Hotels, Restaurants & Casinos by Sans Soucie

November 11, 2009

“Spa Casino Palms” wall and partition glass at the Spa Resort Casino in downtown Palm Springs, California Decorative etched glass is a very popular and useful architectural feature for hotels, restaurants and casinos.  Over the…

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The U.S. Marine Corps Seal Carved in Glass by Sans Soucie

August 8, 2009

Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios was recently selected to carve the United States Marine Corps seal, for installation inside the Officers Club at the U.S. Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California.

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