Etched-Carved Glass Partition Panels: Sullivan’s Steakhouse Seattle

Earlier this year, Sans Soucie Art Glass was commissioned to create these gorgeous sandblast etched and deep 3D Carved Glass Panel Partitions for Sullivan’s Steakhouse of Seattle, Washington.  The glass features the elegant Sullivan’s Steakhouse logo 3-dimensionally deep carved and beautifully framed within a pinstripe scroll border that continues across all three panels, on the back surface of the glass.

Two sets were created for two separate areas, for a specific level of privacy for each.  On both sets, the background areas of the glass are sandblasted, one more densely than the other, providing a higher leve of obscurity through the glass, to better block the view into a prep. area.  The panels with the less dense background, leave more of an open-feel and yet still provide a level of obscurity.  The deep carved logo “pops” on both, but there is more of a contrast on the lighter density background.  The two side panels are 72″ long x 46″ tall,  with the center panel  79″ x 48″, all 1/2″ Starphire® Clear Glass.

The glass was shipped from Palm Desert, California to Seattle, Washington in Sans Soucie’s fantastic new custom packaging system:  custom boxes made up of completely recyclable, foam lined boxes fabricated using extremely strong “HexaComb” cardboard box packaging and polyurethane foam.  Sans Soucie glass is shipped nation and worldwide, custom packed and fully insured via UPS Freight.  See a video of the glass being packaged and shipped:

Sullivan’s Steakhouse is a vibrant neighborhood American Steakhouse featuring the finest steaks, seafood, hand-shaken martinis and live music, with 20 locations across the U.S.  The Seattle location is at 621 Union Street – Seattle, Washington.

custom logos etched & 3D carved in glass panels by Sans Soucie!