Glass Signs by Sans Soucie

Check out these glass signs! Sans Soucie specializes in custom made, etched and carved glass signs that are engraved through sandblasting the letters and/or + logo on to the glass.  The letters and logo can be either etched on the surface of the glass, OR they can be 3-dimensionally sculpture carved into the glass, or engraved, which creates a look of the lettering and logo literally “floating” in the glass.

sign text logo plaque charles anderson sign plaque donor glass text - 3 plaque horseshoe girl kissing horse wildlife picture photo resist - 2

Undoubtedly our most “famous custom glass sign” is the Presidential Seal Glass we carved for the aircraft carrier, The USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), in 2008.  This gorgeous seal is 3-dimensionally sculpture carved on crystal clear, Starphire® glass, and is edge lit for brilliant illumination.  Read the complete story about the project on our web site!

Visit our Custom Glass Signs Gallery and see dozens of examples of glass signs of all different styles and configurations.  In addition to the U.S. Presidential Seal, we’ve done a number of notable logos, such as Applebee’s Restaurant.