Glass Bathroom Counter – Triptic design

Sans Soucie Art Glass Studio is always on trend and pushing the envelope in design! Why not take your old Bathroom Counter top to the next level with a bold art glass design! This Triptic Design can be created on anything from stunning Glass Bathroom Vanities to Frameless Entry Glass Doors and more! Sans Soucie’s artists have the knowledge and capability of providing customers with endless options when executing a design.  Your one of a kind glass counter top can be frosted, etched, carved or painted!   This is done by hand sandblasting every piece to perfection!  The colors are limitless, and are painted onto your carved piece bringing vibrancy and luxury to any design.

The evolution of Bathroom Counter Tops or Vanities have come a long way from your traditional and boring square tiles!  Bring world class artwork right into your bathroom and experience our unlimited designs, edges, and textures.  We can make your vision into a reality with our options of all shapes, sizes and configurations! Sans Soucie also has a signature design custom hand chiseled, irregular edge, in addition to the traditional straight and polished edges.

Set your home apart by adding your own personal touches with Frosted and Etched Glass pieces TODAY! Why stop at your bathroom when we make the process easy for to create glass doors, cabinets, showers, and more! You think it… We DESIGN IT! It’s that simple!


decorative glass vanity
Triptic Glass Vanity
custom glass vanity triptic
Triptic Glass Vanity (additional view)