Divide With Style using Etched Glass Partitions

Suspended – Glass Partitions

 There is a false notion that glass partitions makes for a plain, boring look. The fact is that glass has flexibility that other resources cannot match.  An etched glass partition is extremely useful in creating new open spaces in an office or any area whether it’s residential or commerical.  Separating one area from another, glass panels are the perfect solution where private space is needed, without having to put up a wall.

There are numerous practical benefits of using demountable room dividers as an alternative of simply constructing a new perpetual wall. Not only does it let the outline of an office floor alter many times, it also means that rooms shared for practical purposes can ultimately be reinstated to their full size. There are also marketing benefits to these walls, which can benefit a business in terms of both sales and labeling. In fact, by utilizing a glass dividing wall, the influence can be far superior if a little bit of discovery and creativeness is applied.

Glass is a top choice when an organization wants to create a new, private area without blocking any light.  Glass panels can also feature the company name and logo.   The effect can be achieved thru glass film, but over time, the film can crack and peel, whereas sandblast frosting the text and logo into the glass is 100% permanent and completely durable.

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The elegance of frosted glass can be all significant to the appearance of the company, but it can also be used effectively to sponsor a sense of what the business is about. So, instead of using only the company logo there can be elements and images added that provide clues of the company product and values. The best instance is perhaps fast food cafeterias, where pictures of happy families relishing meals collectively are powerfully perceptible all over the restaurant.

So, a hospital may incorporate panels that feature soft, flowing lines that give a serene and calming appeal to the area, or even feature landscape scenes that depict the geographical location of the establishment.  A toy company that vends figurines may have outlines of easily identifiable toys, like rotating tops, or constructing blocks. A kindergarten may have the script and numbers, and a soundtrack studio may have musical notes and tones beautifying the panels.  Extremely comprehensive scenes can be portrayed.  This can uphold the company and its amenities, or products in an unintended way.  It is a little like being enclosed by a list without pushing sales, and expresses to the visitor something about the business and what it does thru elegant means.

One of the most significant results of incorporating glass partitions and dividers into a commercial space is what thee customer is left with:  the theme or feel of the brand.  The beautiful surroundings created thru frosted and carved glass can augment the image of a business greatly.