Create Memories Around an Exquisite Glass Dining Room Table!

A table is where conversations and memories are created, over food with family and friends! This year why not let Sans Soucie create a custom Glass Dining Room Table that is the centerpiece of every conversation! Sans Soucie Art Glass has been creating the highest quality custom etched and frosted glass designs for glass dining tables since 1976! With their Signature Hand Sandblasting technique, they’re able to provide their customers with Privacy Levels, Price Points, Effects and Endless Design options!

Style perfection done right with Glass Dining Room Tables!

Any theme or designate that you have in mind can always be executed in a variety of ways just to give you more options! Same Design, Done Different shows you how to make your overall table go from simple and classic, to more intricate and extravagant! Choices like these help fit any room or decor scheme you have!

No fuss for luxury! Sans Soucie can help you from beginning to end! This design is our Iceberg Edge II Glass Dining Table and is 3D Carved. It features a beautiful sculpted edge that brings a cool into any space! To fit your specific size, our artists will re-draw the design to perfectly suit your glass size and configuration. Holidays can be stressful enough…creating a Glass Dining Room Table for years to enjoy shouldn’t be!  See more in our Glass Dining Tables Gallery!

Glass Dining Room Table Etched
Iceberg Edge II Glass Dining Table
Glass Dining Room Table Etched
Iceberg Edge II (close up)
Glass Dining Room Table Etched
Iceberg Edge II (additional view)