Entertain Guests for The New Year with Gorgeous Glass Tables

Glass Tables with Custom Etched Designs

Get ready for the New Year and celebrate in style with STUNNING Etched Glass Tables! It’s a simple and chic way to update any Dining Room! Sans Soucie signature Hand Sandblasting Technique will execute any design by etching, carving and more, creating unique Glass Tables that are one of a kind!

We transform plain glass dining tables into exquisite works of art!

Glass Tables bring a luxury to any space and will enhance the ambience of any decor style! Their Art Glass Gallery guides you to that perfect table by giving you different Theme Galleries to explore! Or, you can make a table that’s TRULY CUSTOM from your own vision! Big family or small intimate circle of friends, Sans Soucie will also create any size table or shape!

Creating a whole NEW LOOK for your dining area can be so easy! Skip the mess of construction and/or totally redecorating! Introducing a single piece of NEW furniture can instantly update any room! Etched Glass Tables are always classic and the centerpiece that pulls the whole look of the room together! Make your New Year’s Celebration memorable and “Oh” SO Fabulous!

Glass Tables Etched Round Contemporary
Crystalline Sphere
Glass Tables Etched Shattered Dining
Shattered Glass Dining Table – Starphire Clear 85 x 159
Glass Tables Etched Traditional Dining
Shoreline Edge Glass Dining Table