Glass Top Tables featuring Custom Etched Designs!

Custom Glass Tables Tops can be a stunning yet subtle piece that brings a stylish tone to your home! You don’t have to exhaust yourself by redoing your entire space, but instead let Sans Soucie Art Glass create a frosted glass table that suits your individual life style! The term “Living Water” sounds so refreshing especially when you live in the desert, as in sunny Palm Springs! This Glass Top featuring a gorgeous custom design, elegantly depicting waters streaming over, is truly unique! The details in the glass are carefully carved to give a 3D effect and texture. Sans Soucie is no stranger to creating traditional pieces of furniture and turning them into works of Glass Art.

From Modern, Traditional and Eclectic, themes aren’t the only options you have when choosing your table. Sans Soucie’s one of a kind Sandblasting Technique gives their customers various effects like etched (frosted look), carved and even painted options. But, that’s not all! They even have speciality bases such as Glass, Bolder and Flagstone to complete the overall look and impression of your table!

Whatever you’re searching for in terms of design, Sans Soucie is leading the way with their quality, precision and capability of turning Art into true function! Why are you waiting? Their Art Gallery is full of wonderful surprises that are sure to encourage creativity that’s all you! Let them show you how easy it is to bring brilliant glass into your everyday space!

glass table tops custom
Living Water II Glass Coffee Table
glass coffee tables etched art
Living Water II Glass Coffee Table (Additional View)