Custom Glass Shelves – Carved & Painted Edges

These gorgeous glass shelves are custom hand-crafted with a chiseled irregular edge and Sans Soucie’s “Moonscape” deep carved texture on the underside, also airbrushed with color in a beautiful brown tone. One that is “L” shaped made for the corner, measures 22″ long in each direction and is approx. 7″ deep, varying. The other in a pie shape, is approx. 12″ x 15″. They are 3/8″ thick and are supported by (8) wall mount shelf supports in a brushed nickel finish. These glass shelves were shipped from our Studio in Palm Desert to our client in Pennsylvania, who was kind enough to send us these great photos showing them beautifully installed and in place!

Moonscape Edge Glass Shelves – Rich Brown

Your selection for custom glass shelves can create a vast change to the appearance and texture of any room and your choice will be determined on numerous factors. Initially, you will need to contemplate about what you mean to show on the shelves. If the custom glass shelves will be carrying hefty items such as large books, then glass will perhaps not be the best selection as its weight bearing capacity is less than metal or wood. This is apparently depending on the supports and elements you use as well, but usually glass is more delicate and therefore, for concord of mind you would perhaps want to choose for a more healthy material.

Custom Glass Shelves are used to enhance a touch of color and exclusivity to a living room, an office, or a room where shelves are positioned with a wide variety of things such as glass carvings with painted edges to books and vases. Custom glass shelves are extraordinarily gorgeous and add a real appealing look to a bedroom or living room. They are sturdy and therefore, a heavy item can be located on it such as a Stereo or other structure.

Custom Glass shelves are easy to clean and uphold with no finishes or lacquer to worry about. Even cuts and chips can be mended as they allow bright to shine over and are less conspicuous than wood, so you can view the substances exhibited from all viewpoints without requiring to pick them up. Glass shelves are used in such a wide diversity of circumstances that they are almost universal.