Enhancing Kitchens with Glass Pantry Doors & Mixed Materials!

As a seasoned expert in frosted glass interior doors, I’ve seen firsthand how a simple design choice can transform a home. Glass pantry doors, especially those with a frosted finish, not only add a touch of elegance but also blend functionality with style. Whether you’re renovating an old kitchen or starting from scratch, integrating glass pantry doors can elevate your space. Let’s dive into how you can master the mix of materials to create a visually appealing and practical pantry area.

Understanding Frosted Glass Doors

What is Frosted Glass?

Our frosted glass is made thru a number of abrasive processes, done by our talented team who hand sandblasts a clear sheet of glass. This process gives it a blurred appearance which is perfect for adding privacy while still letting light filter through. From my experience, clients appreciate how frosted glass obscures the contents of their pantry while enhancing the room with a soft, diffused light.

Benefits of Frosted Glass Doors

Enhanced Privacy with a Frosted Glass Finish Option 

Clear Glass Finish (Not Private)

Gluechip Glass Finish (Semi-Private)

Frosted Glass Finish (Private)

One of the first things clients mention is their need for privacy. Frosted glass pantry doors excel here by shielding the contents of your pantry from view while still appearing chic and organized.

Here at Sans Soucie we offer 3 glass finishes, each one providing a different level of privacy. They include: clear glass (not private), gluechip glass (semi-private), and frosted glass (private). For custom pantry doors the most popular is our frosted glass finish, because while it still allows light to enter your space, it still conceals any mess. However, if you’re looking to create something truly unique, check out some of our other glass finishes! You’ll find that the customization options are endless!


Frosted glass complements a wide range of materials—from classic wood to contemporary metals—making it incredibly versatile. This adaptability allows homeowners to tailor designs to fit their unique style.

Combining Frosted Glass with Other Materials

There’s something truly magical about blending different materials in home design. It’s like each combination not only changes the look, but also brings its own unique vibe and function to the space. When it comes to kitchen pantries, the choice of your pantry door depends significantly on the materials you pair it with, especially if you’re incorporating frosted glass.

Frosted glass has this cool ability to play well with almost anything. It adds a touch of sophistication and a modern feel wherever it goes. Let’s dive into some of my favorite mixes that can inspire you to create a pantry space that’s not only functional but also a feast for the eyes:

Wood – Warmth and Texture

Wood frames or shelving around frosted glass doors create a warm, inviting look. I recall a project where we used dark mahogany frames with frosted glass panels—the contrast was stunning and really anchored the room.

At Sans Soucie, we’ve got a great lineup of door options to fit your needs! We offer eight types of wood, along with primed and two fiberglass door finishes. You can pick these up as either prehung or slab doors, depending on what suits your project best. One thing to note—all our doors are solid (not hollow) and come unfinished, so you’ll need to do a bit of prep work before they’re ready to hang. Plus, we’ve got hinges in just about every popular metal finish you might want.

The Basics on Each Of Our Door Types

Wood Doors: Our wood doors are made with a solid core veneer. The beauty of a veneer door is its resistance to warping compared to solid wood doors. They’re designed with an engineered core that includes resin and grain patterns arranged to stabilize the wood. This structure not only repels moisture with its glues and resins but also minimizes movement, which helps to keep your door in shape for years to come.

Primed Doors: These doors come primed white and are ready for you to paint any color you like. They’re made from a durable composite of pine and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), which is sturdy and holds paint well.

Fiberglass Doors: These are built to last and have three main parts: the frame, core, and skin. The frame uses a high-strength composite material for robustness. The core is filled with polyurethane foam, which provides excellent insulation and soundproofing. As for the outer layer, it’s made from high-impact compression-molded fiberglass that looks and feels like real wood—minus the drawbacks like warping, rotting, or changes due to moisture.

Metal – Sleek and Industrial

Frameless Glass Interior Door

Frameless Glass Sliding Barn Door

Metal accents are like the jewelry of your kitchen—they add that sleek, slightly industrial flair that can totally transform the vibe. Think stainless steel handles or aluminum frames; these touches not only look fabulous but are tough as nails too.

But if you really want to step up the chic factor, consider going for a frameless interior glass door. These beauties are all about clean lines and smooth surfaces. We usually fit them with brushed nickel hardware, which complements the frosted glass perfectly. It’s a modern look that elevates any space instantly. Whether you’re swinging or sliding open your glass pantry door to grab some ingredients, or just admiring it from across the room, these doors make a statement while keeping things elegantly understated.

Stone – Natural Elegance

Picture this: a stunning marble backsplash paired with a frosted glass pantry door. It’s like they were meant to be together! The rugged, natural elegance of stone meets the smooth, sophisticated surface of frosted glass, creating a striking contrast that’s both beautiful and practical.

Stone isn’t just about looks; it brings a sense of permanence and luxury to any space. When you add a frosted glass door into the mix, it softens the stone’s hard edges with a gentle, light-diffusing effect. It’s an effect that enhances the overall feel of your kitchen. This combination not only looks great but also stands up to the hustle and bustle of daily kitchen activities. This is why it makes it a perfect marriage of form and function.

Whether you opt for marble, granite, or another natural stone, integrating these materials with frosted glass doors can turn your pantry area into a standout feature of your home. It’s an effortless way to inject a bit of upscale charm while keeping things modern and fresh.

Fabric – Softness and Color

Introducing fabric elements into your kitchen design can really turn up the coziness factor, especially in those ultra-modern spaces that feel a bit too stark. Imagine draping a colorful curtain over a section of your decorative glass pantry door. It’s a simple touch that adds a lot of warmth and personality.

Fabric not only brings in a splash of color but also introduces a texture that softens the harder lines typically found in modern decor. Whether it’s a vibrant pattern or a soft pastel, fabric can transform the feel of the room, making it more welcoming and lived-in. Plus, it’s a great way to tie together the colors of your kitchen with those of adjacent areas, like perhaps a living room with a large glass window, creating a cohesive look throughout your home.

Adding fabric doesn’t stop at curtains—you could consider fabric panels that slide on tracks for a more contemporary approach, or even use softer, sheer fabrics to maintain the airy feel while still adding that necessary pop of color. The options are truly endless, and each choice adds a unique layer of style that can compliment all pantry doors with glass! 

Design Ideas and Inspiration

Traditional Design

Geometric Design

Asian design


Finding the perfect pantry door involves a bit of creative thinking and a good understanding of how materials can complement each other. It’s all about achieving that sweet spot where everything in your space feels harmonized and balanced.

Let’s take a kitchen with lots of wooden elements, for example. A frosted pantry glass door can be a real showstopper here. It introduces a lighter, more airy element that contrasts beautifully without clashing with the rich, earthy tones of the wood. This isn’t just a practical solution for hiding pantry clutter; it’s also a style statement that brightens and opens up the space.

Pantry Door Ideas: Mixing Materials and Styles

When brainstorming pantry door ideas or even a laundry room door, think about how the materials will interact:

  • Contrast Textures: Combining smooth frosted glass with rougher textures like stone or wood can create a visually engaging space. The glass brings a sleek modernity, while the natural materials add warmth and character.
  • Color Coordination: It’s essential to align the colors of your materials with the tones of the glass etched design, for a unified look. For instance, a soft floral frosted glass design can pair beautifully with darker woods or stones, providing a refreshing contrast.
  • Lighting: The way light filters through frosted glass can dramatically affect the ambiance of a room. Use this to your advantage by positioning lights to enhance the translucency of the glass, which can subtly highlight the surrounding materials and features.
NYC Semi-Private 1D Negative Frosted Glass Finish Typography Decor Glass Interior Doors Sans Soucie

Thinking beyond the kitchen, consider how these concepts apply to selecting the perfect laundry room door, or even for an office space. A frosted glass door could be just the thing to conceal appliances and supplies while keeping the room feeling bright and open.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a space that feels both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The right door isn’t just a barrier; it’s a key component of your home’s design that should enhance and elevate your overall design style.

Installation Tips and Considerations

Whether it’s a slab or prehung pantry door, and beyond, proper installation is crucial for the longevity and functionality of your interior glass doors. Always opt for professional installation to ensure that the doors are balanced and secure. Additionally, choose hardware that can support the weight of glass doors and matches the overall design aesthetic.


Mixing frosted glass with other materials in your kitchen design not only maximizes functionality but also injects a dose of style. Whether you opt for wood, metal, stone, or fabric, each material can help frame and highlight the beauty of frosted glass pantry doors. Experiment with different combinations to find what best suits your home’s personality and your personal style.

Call to Action

Ready to transform your kitchen with decorative glass pantry doors? Visit a local showroom or consult with a design professional to start planning your perfect pantry space. Remember, the right mix can turn a simple door into a stunning statement.

Incorporating frosted glass pantry doors into your home is more than a trend—it’s a lifestyle choice that balances beauty and practicality. Dive into the design process with an open mind, and you’ll be amazed at the transformation that follows!

Sans Soucie Art Glass: A Legacy of Craftsmanship and Innovation

Family-owned and operated since its inception in 1976, Sans Soucie has solidified its place as the industry frontrunner in the realm of sandblast frosted glass, carved, and hand-painted glass. Pioneering the art of turning ordinary glass into breathtaking “Works of Art Captured in Glass”, we have garnered acclaim both nationally and worldwide.

Sans Soucie has proudly undertaken tens of thousands of residential projects, delighting homeowners not just in the U.S., but internationally as well. Their portfolio also showcases an impressive range of commercial commissions, serving diverse sectors such as the service industry, hospitals, restaurants, museums, hotels, and libraries. Notably, Sans Soucie’s exquisite craftsmanship even graces a tribute room aboard the USS George HW Bush CVN 77.

In 2010, Sans Soucie ventured into selling slab and prehung doors, further solidifying their presence in the home decor space. Recognizing the complexities associated with slab and prehung doors, Sans Soucie introduced their innovative Door Designer Tool. This user-friendly tool has since transformed door designing into a fun and effortless experience, allowing homeowners everywhere to craft doors that resonate with their personal style.

In essence, Sans Soucie Art Glass is not just a brand; it’s a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication to the art of glass design.

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