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The bathroom itself dates further back than you might think. As a matter of fact, the original intention and use of a bathroom wasn’t so much for hygiene, but for bathing which had more of a spiritual and purifying meaning. The bathing experience included large rooms and pools of water where people would gather. It later became a place of relaxation and rejuvenation in the Roman culture. As bathrooms continued to evolve, it became a social status where people would meet up to discuss life, entertainment, etc. Eventually, there became a distinction between private and public bathrooms. The wealthy had their private bathrooms within their homes, while the public had a more shared experience.

Fast forward to today and the bathroom space is not only a place for cleanliness and relaxation, but it’s also a room to display your personal style. Today, a Frosted Glass Bathroom Door can elevate the vibe of any room, and express your own flair! With lots of options to choose from, let us share some details that you may want to consider when customizing your perfect Glass Door.

Frosted Glass Bathroom Door cherry blossom tree sandblast etched glass for privacy
This features the Frosted Glass Bathroom Door in the Delicate Blossom Tree design.

The Glass Effect: Private – 1D Private Frosted

Why Frosted Glass is Used in Bathrooms

Here at Sans Soucie we have a variety of ways for you to create a Glass Bathroom Door that fits your specific needs. Especially, in terms of both Privacy Level and Finish. We have three different privacy levels to choose from: Not Private, Semi-Private, and Private. Our Frosted Glass is an opaque, aesthetically attractive glass finish that’s created thru a number of abrasive processes. This finish will provide you with the highest level of privacy. An object will only be visible when pressed right up against the Glass Door. However, any object that is only a few inches away from the door won’t be easily seen. This is why our Frosted Glass Bathroom Doors are a perfect solution for privacy without blocking out light. You can also choose from our other glass finishes such as Gluechip (which provides a semi-private level), and/or Clear (which is not private).

Frosted Glass Bathroom Door Designs

Now that you’ve selected your privacy level and finish, let’s talk about your endless design options! Your vision for your Frosted Glass Bathroom Door can come to life in so many ways! You can choose from our beautiful gallery to inspire you, or you can work with one of our artisans to make your design into a reality. Our Sandblast Effects which include 1D, 2D and 3D, will help in creating unlimited textures and patterns. These effects will take your selected design and bring both depth and uniqueness to your Frosted Glass Door’s overall look. Our Sans Soucie craftsmen have taken it one step further and have created multiple options when selecting our 3D Sandblast Effect. These options include 3D Enhanced, 3D Painted, and 3D Painted Enhanced. Your Frosted Glass Bathroom Door Design will be stunning, as a result!

Frosted Glass Bathroom Door with decorative etched glass art boy and girl graphic design etched for privacy
Frosted Glass Bathroom Door Featuring “Hold It” Design. 1D Private Frosted Sandblast Effect.
Frosted Glass Bathroom Door with oceanic style design tropical fish seaweed coral starfish with bubbles for privacy
Frosted Glass Bathroom Door Featuring “Aquarium Fish” Design. 1D Private Frosted Sandblast Effect.

Customize Everything About Your Frosted Glass Door

In addition to your beautiful design, you have the ability to choose your door material, size, door type (book/slab or pre-hung), and more! The wood we use for our Glass Doors come in unfinished/unstained wood. When building your perfect Frosted Glass Bathroom Door you’ll get to choose from primed, Douglas fir, Alder Clear, Alder Knotty, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak, and Mahogany wood.

I think we can agree that the bathroom has come a long way since the Roman times! But, we’d like to think that they too would have appreciated a chic and sophisticated Frosted Glass Bathroom Door as well!

About Sans Soucie Art Glass

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