Family First: Choosing Child and Pet-Safe Glass Pantry Doors!

When renovating or designing a kitchen, homeowners often overlook one critical aspect: the safety and functionality of their pantry doors. As a professional in the world of frosted glass interior doors, I’ve seen firsthand how the right glass pantry doors can blend seamlessly into any home decor, while ensuring the safety of the youngest and furriest family members. In this article, I’ll share some expert insights on selecting a glass pantry door that is not just beautiful, but also child and pet-safe.

Understanding the Basics of Glass Pantry Doors

Types of Glass

Glass pantry doors can be made from various types of glass, each offering unique benefits. Tempered glass is a popular choice due to its strength and safety features—it shatters into small, blunt pieces that are less likely to cause injury. That’s why here at Sans Soucie all of our pantry doors are made from this specific type of glass.

And because we believe in customization and understand that one size fits all, we offer 3 different tempered glass finishes. They include: frosted glass (private), gluechip glass (semi-private), and clear glass (not private). Each of these glass finishes (a.k.a. backgrounds) provide a different level of privacy. These options help you create the perfect pantry door, that’s both visually appealing and practical for your space. 

Frosted Glass Finish for Pantry Doors

Frosted Glass Finish – Private

Frosted glass is a fantastic choice for pantry doors if you’re looking for a blend of privacy and style. This finish softly diffuses light, which brightens your space while keeping pantry contents discreetly out of sight. It’s perfect for those who want to keep a clean aesthetic without revealing too much of what’s behind the door, especially if organization isn’t your strongest suit!

Additionally, frosted glass is great at hiding smudges and fingerprints, which means it requires less frequent cleaning—a big plus for busy households. Whether your home decor leans towards modern minimalism or cozy traditional, a frosted glass pantry door can seamlessly integrate with any style. They add a sleek, polished look that elevates the overall feel of your kitchen.

Frosted Glass Finish Private

Gluechip Glass Finish for Pantry Doors

Gluechip Glass Finish – Semi-Private

Gluechip glass is an excellent choice for those looking to add a unique decorative touch to their pantry doors while maintaining privacy. The process used to create this glass produces a beautiful, frosty pattern that resembles frost on a window during a chilly winter morning. This texture not only enhances privacy by obscuring the contents of your pantry but also plays with light to add an element of visual interest to your kitchen. It’s ideal for homeowners who want to hide clutter without sacrificing style.

Additionally, gluechip glass is durable and masks fingerprints and smudges well, making it a low-maintenance option for busy kitchens. Whether your home style is rustic or contemporary, a gluechip glass pantry door can complement your décor while adding a functional and artistic flair.

Gluechip Glass Finish Semi-Private

Clear Glass Finish for Pantry Doors

Clear Glass Finish – Not Private

Choosing a clear glass finish for your pantry door can really open up your kitchen space, giving it a brighter, more airy feel. This option is perfect for showcasing a well-organized pantry and can be a real motivator to keep those shelves tidy! Plus, the visibility allows you to easily check your inventory, which is super convenient when making shopping lists. For families, it’s also practical as you can see if your kids are sneaking snacks.

Though it requires regular cleaning to keep it looking its best, the sleek, modern look it adds to your kitchen is definitely worth the effort. Clear glass is versatile, too, matching effortlessly with any décor style, from ultra-modern to comfortably traditional.

Clear Glass Finish - Not Private

No matter what glass finish you choose, these options are sure to give you endless pantry door ideas! 

Aesthetic and Functional Benefits

Glass pantry doors can transform a kitchen, making it look larger and more open. They allow you to display your organized pantry, and with the right lighting, they can truly elevate the look of your space. However, the benefits go beyond aesthetics. Glass doors encourage cleanliness and organization, knowing that the contents are in view.

Key Features of Child and Pet-Safe Glass Pantry Doors

Safety is paramount when choosing any feature in a home that will be used around children and pets. Here are a few safety features to consider:

Safety Glass

Opt for pantry doors that feature safety glass to prevent accidents. Tempered glass is excellent, but laminated glass is another fantastic option, as it holds together even when shattered, preventing sharp pieces from causing harm.

Locks and Handles

locks handles hardware for pantry doors

Integrating child-proof locks or higher-placed handles can deter curious hands (or paws) from opening the pantry unsupervised. Remember, the goal is to keep them safe, not to keep the pantry off-limits. It’s about balancing accessibility with safety.

Design and Material

When selecting the frame of your decorative glass pantry doors, consider materials that not only complement your home’s style but also provide durability. A sturdy frame can withstand the occasional bump or bang from a playful pet or a running toddler.

Choosing the Right Design and Material

Matching Your Home’s Aesthetic

The design of your glass custom pantry doors should align with the overall style of your home. Whether you prefer a modern look with clean lines or a more traditional style with ornate details, the right design is out there. 

Wood Frames

At Sans Soucie, we specialize in high-quality slab doors and doors with glass panels, offering a range of materials including eight types of solid wood, primed options, and two fiberglass finishes. Each door, whether you choose a slab or a prehung pantry door style, is solid—not hollow—ensuring durability and superior quality. They arrive unfinished, giving you the freedom to customize the final look to match your home’s decor. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of hinges in all popular metal finishes to complement your chosen door style, making sure everything aligns perfectly with your aesthetic and functional needs.

Kitchen Pantries: Other Doors To Consider

When it comes to kitchen pantries, the choice of your decorative glass pantry door depends largely on your kitchen’s style and your personal preferences. For a sleek, modern look, consider frameless glass doors that offer a clean, contemporary edge. Alternatively, if your home boasts a more traditional decor, French doors with glass inserts framed in wood and frosted for privacy are a perfect match. These options not only enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen but also cater to functional needs, making your pantry both accessible and attractive.

Design Style 


Everyone’s personal taste should be represented through out their house. From a bathroom, laundry room door, glass window, pantry door and beyond, we put the power of customization into your hands! Our online “build a door” process walks you step by step in curating the exact design, frame, and privacy level you need in a pantry door. Love the modern look, you’ll want to look for clean lines, geometric patterns, and simple designs. Farmhouse charm your vibe? We’ve got beautiful farm life landscapes and animal motifs to bring that country side warmth into your kitchen. 

You can get inspired by our vast catalog of designs or come to our talented artists with one of your own! From concept to design, we’ll help you create the pantry door of your dreams!

Installation Tips and Considerations

Professional vs. DIY Installation

Installing pantry doors with glass might seem straightforward, but it can be tricky. While a DIY approach might save money upfront, professional installation ensures that the doors are aligned correctly and operate smoothly and safely. I always recommend consulting with a professional, especially when working with heavy, large pieces of glass.

Maintenance of Your Glass Pantry Door 

Keeping your glass pantry door in tip-top shape is quite straightforward and doesn’t require much time. A regular wipe-down with a good glass cleaner and a soft cloth will ensure your doors stay sparkling and clear, making your kitchen feel clean and bright. It’s important to routinely check the tracks and hinges for any debris, like crumbs or dust, that could cause the doors to stick or come off their tracks. A soft brush or a vacuum with a brush attachment works well for this.

Additionally, lubricating the hinges and tracks occasionally with a suitable lubricant can prevent squeaking and resistance, ensuring smooth operation. Paying attention to these small details not only prolongs the life of your doors but also keeps them functioning beautifully, enhancing both the usability and aesthetics of your kitchen.

Case Studies and Success Stories

In one memorable project, I worked with a family who had twins and two large dogs. They chose frosted glass pantry doors with wooden frames that matched their rustic kitchen theme. The lower half of the doors was designed with a solid panel to prevent the dogs from scratching the glass when they saw their food being prepared. This small customization not only added to the design, but enhanced the functionality and safety of the space.

Vino Semi-Private 3D Enhanced Negative Private Frosted Glass Finish Half Glass Insert Wood Door Frame with Ornate Trim Sans Soucie


Choosing the right pantry glass door involves more than picking a style you love; it requires considering the specific needs of your family to create a safe and functional environment. With the right selection, these doors can provide both peace of mind and a beautiful addition to your home.

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Are you ready to explore the possibilities with glass pantry doors? Contact one of our professionals today to discuss your options or visit our online showroom to see the range of designs available. Remember, the best choice is one that considers both beauty and safety in balance.

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In 2010, Sans Soucie ventured into selling slab and prehung doors, further solidifying their presence in the home decor space. Recognizing the complexities associated with slab and prehung doors, Sans Soucie introduced their innovative Door Designer Tool. This user-friendly tool has since transformed door designing into a fun and effortless experience, allowing homeowners everywhere to craft doors that resonate with their personal style.

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