Custom Wrought Iron Gate Glass: Making an Entrance!

"Leaf Gate", Frames by Smiley's Metal Craft, Inc.
"Leaf Gate", Frames by Smiley's Metal Craft, Inc.

Wrought iron gates transform into beautiful, illuminated works of art with decorative etched glass inserts by Sans Soucie Art Glass!  Custom gate glass panels are inserted into metal, steel, iron gate frames, or wood frames, and are etched and carved with custom designs to compliment the exterior textures and architecture of the home.

The glass will be tempered for strength, and depending on whether we surface etch or sculpture carve the design into the glass, the glass thickness will typically range from 1/4″ thick up to 1/2″ thick.  Glass inserts are made to custom fit any shape or form within the frame, whether it be an iron gate, or wood gate frame.  The most popular glass color is still regular clear glass, but grey glass can also be used.

At Sans Soucie, “we do glass”, and so unless the gate is to be an Smiley’s Metal Craft, Inc. They do fantastic work, creating all sorts of custom metal products, and fabricated the Leaf Gate Frames shown here.

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custom iron gate abstract etched glass sans soucie
"Triptic" Entry Gate & Accent Glass, with coordinated Entry Door Glass.

beveled glass entry gate and door sans soucie
"Z Bevels" Courtyard Doors, leading to Entry Doors

In addition to the standard full gate frame, there are limitless configurations like “L” shaped, where the glass sits in a frame supported on the bottom and outside edges, making it “frameless” on top and where the centers meet, as well as arched and radius top frames.

Everyone who visits your home may not notice the special picture or flower arrangement or other beautiful  design element you’ve hand selected and placed inside your home, but make no mistake:  Every person entering will of course “pass thru the gate” and front door, and will see the attention to detail and without question notice a custom glass design that’s been featured inside the entry gate, then continued and featured on the front doors!

See examples of coordinated gate and door glass on pieces our web site like Reeds Entry. (Be sure to scroll down to “additional photos”).

From abstract designs to contemporary, and patterns to landscapes, come visit our etched, Gate Glass Gallery and see dozens of examples, custom designed for our individual clients.