Your Name in Lights! 

Perfect for use in a lobby reception area or anywhere in your office, frosted glass signs create a dramatic, distinctive look for your brand.

Any Shape or Size

Fabricated in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of effects and glass colors, your specific brand colors are brought in using custom color matching.

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Glass Sign and Custom Sign Logo

Your name in Lights!

Corporate Logos & Text Etched in Glass by Sans Soucie

Sans Soucie creates glass signs in all shapes, sizes and glass colors, in various glass thicknesses depending on the need and the type of sign, in a variety of different glass effects. Most signs are hung using standoff posts available in various metal finishes such as brushed nickel, chrome, and bronze. Same as with all Sans Soucie Art Glass, the effect can vary .. from simple frosted effects where the design is solid white, with no varying sandblast density or depths, to stage sandblasted glass that is 2D etched and 3D carved, as well as painted, as well as stained glass.  Learn more about our effects!

The background can be clear glass or obscure, depending on the desired effect.  Edges can be straight polished, or can feature one of Sans Soucie’s signature custom hand chiseled edges.