Top 5 Most Popular Pantry Doors

Our pantry doors have been one of our most popular products since the launch of our online Door Designer back in 2010! With the endless combinations of our Frosted Glass design elements, text and borders, you might be wondering … what’s the most popular? Well, here they are!

#1 Classic Pantry

With it’s sleek lines and simplicity, our Classic Pantry Door design continues to be the most popular choice overall! This design features the word “Pantry” in all caps, in a font called “Capitals”, and a two pinstripe border, with the outer pinstripe being thinner than the inside pinstripe. Bear in mind, people often decide on a different font that best coordinates with their kitchen decor, but this elegant and simple look, is the overall favorite!

classic pantry door by sans soucie

#2. Melany

Another simplistic look, this time the border is arched at the top, and the font style is a stylish script with a scroll detail beneath is our Melany Pantry Door. This look is a bit more fancy and formal than the Classic capital lettering. The font has a handwritten look and features a delicate scroll beneath the text.

pantry door melany scroll by sans soucie art glass

#3. Apple Pie

A definite favorite among our design elements is our Apple Pie Pantry Door design. Bear in mind that none of our designs are clip art, or something machine generated! In almost every case, each one of our designs is created the first time for an individual customer, for a specific order, as a custom, one of a kind, brand new design. This is why our quality outshines any “competition” out there! They’re all unique, and they’re all designed by US! Our adorable Apple Pie design includes wheat as the backdrop, a couple of mason jars, a bowl of sugar, some strawberries, and apple, and a loaf of bread with the first few slices ready to go! Shown here is Apple Pie in our 2D Effect, but Apple Pie is also available in our 1D and 3D Enhanced effects as well!

pantry door apple pie sans soucie art glass

#4. Pantry Goods

This pretty pantry door design will compliment almost any kitchen decor and features a list of goodies we find in our pantry .. hence the name Pantry Goods! The lettering of each word is made up of various fonts, sizes and styles running down the glass. Most pantry door designs are sandblasted in what’s called a “1D Negative effect”, which means the design elements are clear glass and the background is sandblast frosted solid white. The sandblasting creates total obscurity in the glass, while the elements can be seen thru if you approach and peer into the pantry. Since the light inside the pantry is normally turned off, the text, border and design element if there is one, appears dark. When the light is turned ON, the glass is illuminated and appears nice and bright!

pantry door pantry goods design sans soucie art glass

#5. Bread Basket

Finally, #5 is Bread Basket. A very close rival in popularity to #3 and #4, our Bread Basket design a “close cousin” to Apple Pie, featuring the same design elements, with a few changes to make it more fitting for a basket of bread. The apple has been replaced with 3 stalks of wheat and the strawberries with 3 cute little eggs, nestled behind the loaf of bread. As with Apple Pie and nearly all of our pantry door design elements, the design is available in 3 different sandblast effects: 1D, 2D and 3D Enhanced.

apple pie pantry door sans soucie art glass

Line up of the Top 5 Most Popular Pantry Doors:

top 5 most popular pantry doors sans soucie art glass

Many more to choose from!

These 5 beautiful glass pantry doors are just a tiny sampling of what you can design and customize inside our Pantry Door Designer!  Mix and match dozens of designs, borders, text and font styles to create the perfect pantry door to compliment your kitchen décor! Browse our Pantry Doors Collection and start designing your dream pantry door today!

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