Maintaining Your Masterpiece – The Basics of Frosted Glass Cleaning

Believe it or not, taking care of your new frosted glass is a relatively simple process! Although you may be stunned by the intricate level of detail and design in your glass, you won’t need to worry about keeping it looking new and beautiful. In fact, taking care of your new etched glass or Frosted Glass is really no different than maintaining standard glass windows.

We’ve taken the time to assemble a short “how-to” on the best methods for cleaning your frosted glass windows and doors. If you have any additional questions about this process, you can find more information within the Resources section of our website.

Understanding Your New Art Frosted Glass

If you have installed frosted glass panels in your home, you will be thrilled to know that these panels are actually very durable. The sandblasting process used to create stunning visual effects on glass is a permanent modification. This means that you don’t need to worry about wearing your unique glass design off. It can’t be “worn out” or “rubbed off”, so we advise all of our buyers to enjoy their art piece to the fullest and minimize their stress!

Dreamy Waves Glass Door

If you have owned frosted glass for an extended period, you may have noticed small, darkened areas appearing on the surface. This isn’t a defect in the glass, but is instead a buildup of oil residue caused by fingerprints. While these stains are definitely not permanent, they can be difficult to remove, making regular maintenance and care even more important!

Cleaning Frosted Glass Windows and Doors

Regular cleaning routines can help ensure that your frosted glass doors or etched glass will keep its dazzling brilliance. For starters, apply a small amount of high quality glass cleaner to a microfiber towel. It’s definitely worth buying a microfiber towel for this cleaning, primarily because paper towels will often leave behind an annoying “lint” on your glass that you will definitely not be happy with. Be sure to avoid any abrasive chemicals as well. These could easily damage your glass with repeat use.

If your frosted glass has developed any of the dark spots we mentioned earlier, we recommend using an acetone or lacquer thinner to clean them. Place a small amount of either of these substances on a microfiber towel and apply it to the spot on the window. 

Rub gently and observe whether or not the spot disappears. If additional work is required, repeat the process and consider using a Magic Eraser sponge if needed. As a general rule, never apply excessive pressure when you are cleaning your frosted glass windows and doors. 

Getting Additional Help With Your Frosted Glass

If you’re unsure about the cleaning process or would simply like additional information from a member of the Sans Soucie team, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can reach us by phone or email – just visit our website’s Contact Page to learn more. Also, if you have other questions about your art glass, we’ve compiled an FAQ page with some of the most popular questions our customers bring to us.