Energy Efficient Windows for your Home

The functionality of windows has evolved since the days of practical placement and trending window treatments. Nowadays, most homeowners are energy-conscious enough to consider additional qualities such as costs of heating and cooling their homes. Learn how to minimize the costs of heating and cooling your house by knowing what types of energy saving windows to select, including other tips and tricks. 

Energy Efficient Windows

In a typical home, just under half of the yearly energy costs are spent heating and cooling. Whether it escapes the home or not, that is money spent. Making the switch to San Soucie’s energy efficient windows can reduce energy usage and provide warranted insulation, resulting in cost savings. The key to living comfortably year round is knowing which updates and replacement windows will score you the biggest bang for your buck, now and in the future.

Factors that Determine the Most Energy-Efficient Windows 

Although energy saving windows might look the same as ordinary ones, there are several technological differences and situations that set their performance apart. 


The climate and location of your home greatly influences what types of glass windows will increase or decrease energy efficiency. The types of elements your home is commonly prone to will better indicate the type of sealing, window, frame, gas between layers, and glass coatings to maximize efficiency. San Soucie’s exclusive glass collection offers an array of climate controlled designs perfect for creating comfort during all seasons. 

Glass Composition

One thing’s for sure: single paned windows are no match against our energy efficient double, sometimes triple, paned windows. Sealed air pockets and inserted gases between layers trap air from seeping in or out, creating an insulation of sorts. The window glass itself may contain low-emissivity coatings that either create a greenhouse effect keeping warmth in the home during winters, or an ultraviolet deterrent for summers.  Depending on the glass effect, Sans Soucie utilizes and fabricates insulated dual pane units, or in the case of stained and leaded glass, sometimes triple pane glass as well as very thick glass, for insulation and energy efficiency.

Window Installation

Even the best energy efficient windows are only as good as their installation. Knowing how to find a reputable company will make all the difference in living an eco-friendly lifestyle and maintaining your window warranty. Depending on the type of general construction, home exterior, and window type, you should install the replacement window according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Window Frame Construction

From vinyl to aluminum, wood to wood-clad, it is vital that an energy saving window includes an energy efficient frame for best results. While aluminum is known to conduct heat, the other materials create a seal from the outside elements and decrease heat transfer. Each material comes with both negative and positive features to consider. Your style, climate, and budget are also important to think about when finalizing the type of frame to use.

Cost Versus ROI For Replacement Windows

With the many elaborate architectural and decorative windows to choose from, we work to ensure that you get the most back for your money. Most homeowners save anywhere from 12-15% on annual energy costs, sometimes up to 30% long term. Depending on if you replace one window or all windows will determine the immediate Return on Investment (ROI). If you are looking for a short-term return on investment, San Soucie energy efficient windows increase the value of your property, control noise, save energy-costs, protect from the outside elements, and maximize heating and cooling insulation quickly. 

Designed For Efficiency

Whether you are updating a leak or replacing an aging window, consider making the energy-efficiency plunge to increase the value and comfort of your home. San Soucie’s complex glass composition and professional placements provide both elegant and lively glass windows and doors that don’t make you think twice about energy efficiency. Reap the benefits now and in the future by getting a quote today on San Soucie’s fully energy efficient window solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our windows are fairly new and in decent condition. Do I need to replace them, and if not, how can I make them more energy efficient? 

Windows in already good condition may just need fine-tuning updates to improve energy efficiency. This can be the more cost-effective option than replacing the window in its entirety. Some ways to improve efficiency include, but are not limited to: adding window treatments or outside overhangs, weatherstripping or caulking any newfound air leaks, and low-e storm windows. 

I am a new home-owner in the process of gutting and remodeling. The windows are over thirty years old with minimal insulation. Is replacing the windows the most cost-effective solution?

Replacing windows could be the most cost and time-effective option if updating each one will be too extensive. In older homes especially, replacing is recommended due to evolved energy efficiency window technology. Discuss the many options of windows to replace the existing one with, including what installation and window framing will look like. Visit our Glass Windows page to make the new window selection simple.