5 Ways to Incorporate French Doors in Your Home

Interested in enhancing your interior design and indoor lighting? Then you should definitely consider interior French glass doors! They can help take a darker, smaller room appear brighter and larger, all with a dash of elegance. Best of all, it can help boost your mood while at home.

In fact, according to a study by Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois, when you increase the natural lighting in a room or in a home, it can lead to feelings of happiness, peace and productivity. Because there are many benefits when it comes to French doors, what are the ways you can incorporate interior French doors into your home?

We discuss below.

  1. Balcony and/or patio

For those that want to extend the outdoors indoors, Frosted Glass French Doors are a great way to show off your surrounding scenery and create a more cozy atmosphere in a room. Furthermore, in a bedroom, it can add natural lighting during the morning hours and help save on electric and gas bills. In your living room or TV room, it can add to the overall curb appeal of your home.

In addition, a series of four or five French doors that overlooks your patio/backyard/garden area for can be the statement piece that your living space needs. Plus, it creates a more inviting atmosphere for guests.

  1. Dining room

Looking to separate your dining area from your kitchen or living room? Then French doors are the perfect solution where you won’t sacrifice natural lighting. This connection can also help blend your room designs so they bleed from one room to the next, whether you use similar wall colors or furniture styles.

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Plus, you can create a more open floor plan in your home, especially if your dining room has a linear access point to other rooms. And adding these types of doors shouldn’t disrupt the structure of the room or walls.

  1. Room corners

Instead of having corner windows in a larger room, why not consider replacing them with French doors? Again, it adds more natural lighting than a regular window, but can serve as a faux patio door that can show off your surrounding views. Furthermore, if you want to create a focal point in a room, consider placing two French doors at right angles to each other.

  1. Pantry

Though most kitchens are open concept, a pantry door is a great way to incorporate more design into a kitchen. It not only keeps your kitchen more organized but can hide away your extra clutter in the pantry. For instance if your pantry clutter is something you want to hide from your guests, consider a French door with glass that has a higher level of privacy.

  1. Bedroom

Lastly, French doors are a great option for a bedroom door or bedroom closet. It can help create a more open concept for your room while adding elegance that you just don’t get with a typical wooden door. Furthermore, a French door can be the jumping off point where you can take the accents of the door color/design and incorporate it into other furniture in the room, including the armchair, headboard and other objects in your bedroom.

Etched Glass Installed Bathroom Door Sun Odyssey 2D Private Framed Door

Lastly, French doors are an affordable option to up your curb appeal and can come in a variety of styles including different panel designs, glass types and wood species.

When choosing the right way to incorporate French doors into your home, you’ll need to consider the size, design, materials, available space and budget. At Sans Soucie we have an array of French doors to choose from. Contact us today to see what designs will be best for your home!