Glass Partitions with Custom Etching – Ocean Theme

Glass Partitions with custom etching are a stylish way to create spaces within your home or anywhere else you need separation! The mundane look of grey fabric walls are not the ideal way to create an ambiance that says, “Details Matter Here”! Today, there are endless uses for partitions and Sans Soucie is an Art Glass Studio that can take your idea of a space divider to another level!

Here, they feature a gorgeous Ocean Themed glass partition, finished with a Signature Hand Sculpted Edge! Their sandblasting technique is a process used to produce the finest quality in design and glass art. This process creates an etched (frosted) or 3D carved look that brings every concept to life and gives you a variety of options. You can view your selected design done in multiple ways for Privacy Level, Cost and Overall Appeal. This is called Same Design, Done Different!

No matter what style your home requires, glass partitions can simply upgrade any room.

They have a pleather of themes for you to be inspired from! Or, simply bring them a vision all your own and get creative with it! Wall Partitions can be so much more than for simply dividing a space. Use one to enclose a Walk in Shower, create a small window in between rooms for light, or create a statement on top of an existing pony wall! Whatever the case may be you have tons of flexibility to create stunning glass wall dividers! If only walls could talk…what would your walls say?

glass partitions sea horse
Aquarium with Sea Lion
glass partitions etched glass sea lion
Aquarim with Sea Lion (Close Up)
glass partitions tropical clown fish
Aquarim with Sea Lion (Fish Close Up)
etched glass seahorse
Aquarium with Sea Lion (Seahorse Close Up)
etched glass crab
Aquarium with Sea Lion (Crab Close Up)
glass partitions frosted glass seahorse
Aquarium with Sea Lion (Additional Close Up View)