Inspiring Glass Wall Art – Loma Linda University

Sans Soucie has had the privilege of creating Art Glass for some of the most distinguished places in America! Their Glass Wall Art is something that truly inspires and evokes emotion that comes from precision, quality and unmatched expertise in design! Loma Linda University is a prestigious Seventh-day Adventist institute that combines both education and faith. Their mission is to empower students who seek to help and restore others to wholeness, paralleled to the ministry of Jesus Christ. With a foundation of excellence like this, it’s no surprise that they turned to Sans Soucie for their Art Glass.

Their 37 plus years of experience in etched, carved and leaded glass, is why Sans Soucie is capable of executing exquisite designs! Their talented team uses a unique Sandblasting Technique that accurately translates any scene into a work of art! In order to capture the human emotion of care and compassion, they carefully crafted Loma Linda’s Wall Art with their 3D carved technique. This process brought to life the universiity’s mission “to make man whole”.

From conception to design, from Simple to Extravagant, Sans Soucie is known for creating the highest quality of art glass. Let them bring an ambiance to your space that needs to be filled with something more than just “glass”. Their Studio will confidently produce artistic scenes that project hope, love, and faith sure to move anyones heart!


art glass wall loma linda
The Good Samaritan Glass Wall Art
glass wall art good samaritan
The Good Samaritan Glass Wall Art (Additional Piece)
glass wall art
The Good Samaritan Glass Wall Art (Close-up)