Glass Laundry Room Doors that Customize!

At Sans Soucie Art Glass, we’re proud to unveil our exciting etched glass designs for Laundry Room Doors.  They provide an adequate amount of privacy for a Laundry room because only the design elements and border are clear and the background is frosted.  This  solid frost sandblast technique is also known as a “negative” single stage sandblast and will provide obscurity thru its solid etched-white surface, with the design elements made up of clear pinstripes. If you want more privacy there is another option, you can customize your sandblast technique and choose %100 private glass where the design is sandblasted on a private piece of glass. All this can be done in the Glass and Door Designer, where you can choose from 8 different woods, unlimited amount of designs, and decide whether you would like it a pre-hung or a book door.

Doors are custom, made to order as per your desired wood type, hinge finish and size needed and are shipped anywhere in the Continental US for only $99!  Visit Sans Soucie’s Pantry Door Designer where you mix and match, selecting from dozens of borders and designs!

basket laundry room
Laundry Room
Laundry Room
Clothesline 1
Laundry Room 2