Floating Glass Shelves for your Niche!

Floating Glass Shelves are customized and hand-crafted just for your specific decor. Custom glass shelves are extraordinary and add an appealing look to any living room, bathroom, or anywhere where you’re looking for a highly custom, decorative way to display various things in your home. They are sturdy enough to be able to hold up a stereo or any heavy structure but still enhance a living room or bed room. The selection of glass shelves that you choose from can create a huge change to the appearance and feel of any room.

Glass shelves are sturdy and easy to clean and uphold really well.  Custom edgework of various texture pick up and reflect light, with much more brilliance than a plain shelf of other matte surfaces.   The glass shelf also allows you to view the exhibited piece from beneath, for another sleek touch.   Glass shelves can feature borders and edges to compliment and coordinate with unlimited decor styles.

Call with questions, but the process is exciting and simple!  Choose from dozens of designs, borders and looks!  Custom made to order!    Contact us us for any further information and pricing!


Moonscape Edge Glass Shelves
Moonscape Edge Glass Shelves – Rich Brown