How to Use Glass to Brighten Your Home!

Glass is one of the most used materials in homes.  The great thing about glass is that it is almost universal.  Glass can be used just about anywhere and it creates an open feel and can take on any decor with frosted and carved designs by Sans Soucie.    Frosted glass art by Sans Soucie can be put into tables, as well as doors and windows to bring in the morning sun, and yet maintain privacy as needed. Here are some other tips about how to brighten up your home with stunning glass:

One great quality that glass has is that it can make your home feel bigger by just providing more light throughout the room by reflecting light and illuminating surfaces. It also functions as “art with a purpose” when used as furniture in an office setting or a dining room, where you can bring a sophisticated or executive style to your interior and combine with wood, leather, and metals to create a more urban effect.

Using glass as an exterior wall literally brings the “outdoors in” when utilizing wide expansive glass windows.  Glass can be used as a creative element – art pieces can be designed to place as sculptures and artistic partitions.  Use glass pieces wherever you want to create a custom look with a beautiful shine.

Visit the Sans Soucie Art Glass Main Gallery and experience the different types of art that this amazing  company is able to create. There is no such thing as “cant” with the Sans Soucie.  Your glass piece, your way.

frosted glass windows tropical
Tropical Leaves Window
glass windows frosted decorative
Desert Mountain Views Oval Window
window leaded beveled pointed top - 1
Beveled Diamonds Gable Window