Glass Windows and Showers with Frosted Tropical Designs

Frosted tropical glass windows and showers are the perfect for a beach themed decor! It’s time to get rid of that plain window in your home and time to modify it with what Sans Soucie can do for you! They have thousands of different designs for your windows that will make them the talk of the home and an art piece to enjoy, but they also would love to hear your ideas!  So if you have something in mind give them a call and they’ll work with you on a custom design.   Creating a true collaboration, Sans Soucie will will get your vision on glass!

Check out what else the Sans Soucie Gallery has on display in a tropical theme, for windows, and showers, partitions and many more products.   Be sure and check out the Sans Soucie Main Gallery to see a myriad of spectacular designs. The artists have the artistic ability to etch, frost, carve and add color, to any design.

glass window frosted lotus lilly pads
Lilly Pads & Lotus Window
Reeds IV Shower Enclosure
frameless glass shower reeds
Reeds IV Shower Enclosure
decorative bathroom mirror
Cascading Vines