Frosted Glass Laundry Room Doors add a touch of Class

September 6, 2013

There is nothing like a stunning glass laundry room door to accent the laundry room. They provide an adequate amount of privacy that the image inside is an obscure shape, creating a private feeling so that when guests come over they are not looking straight into your laundry room. They are looking at a beautiful door that is just your style. How private you want your door is up to you. It can be mostly private like the examples down below or you can customize your own door in the Glass and Door Designer, where you can choose from 8 different woods, unlimited amount of designs, and decide whether you would like it a prehung or a book door.

Sans Soucie provides all the glass needs you can ever think of. Their customer service is impeccable and the team really knows what they are doing when it comes to designing your next dream door!

Ultra Laundry Room Door


Pinstripe Apple Chancery Laundry Room Door
Pinstripe Apple Chancery Laundry Room Door