How to Clean Window Glass

That whole saying “I don’t do windows,” is actually true for many homeowners. Window glass for the most part will stay clean for “non-functional” windows, like sidelites or stationary windows that don’t open or close.  However, for sliders and windows that are often open and closed to let the fresh air in, claning can be a continious daily event, especially with precious little one’s or pets!  Those little fingers and pet noses can create a daily task for man, and can upset a patient hand!  The supplies needed for such task are either a homemade cleaner or a store-bought cleaner and a clean, dry cloth or newspaper or a squeegee.  You may be surprised to find out, however, that a trade secret, for quick window glass cleaning, is just plain, basic soapy water.  Take your everyday dish soap and put a small amount of a bucket of water, and you’ve got the best solution yet for a quick, streak free cleaning!  Before starting your mission, I recommend you vacuum around the window sills and all the nooks and crannies. This will decrease the amount of dust and sand that may be there and really speed up the process, as well as eliminate the chances of scratching the glass.  (sand or dirt on a cloth, wiped on glass, WILL scratch the glass which is the last thing you want!).   I’d  also recommend to wait until the window you’re cleaning is not in direct sun ..  your soapy water it will dry up the cleaner too quickly causing streaks.

Okay, now that you have done the prep work it’s time to get down to businessL

Soapy water method:  Apply the soapy water window cleaner with a clean towel, an wipe all over the glass surface.  Then, take a squeegee and wipe across, removing all the soapy water mixture.  Take a clean, dry, soft cloth, and wipe any any excess moisture left on the glass.

Spray solution cleaner (like windex):  using choice of weapon for cleaning, spray the window or the glass over the widest surface of area you can wipe, and wipe in circles until the desired place is fully clean.  Keep moving in quick circular motions.  Once that area is clean, move on to your next section until the window is completely clean.  Then stand back and admire your fantastic, clean glass windows! . Similar to these ones here:

Ocotillo Desert Coyote & Roadrunner Tub Window
Ocotillo Desert Coyote Shower Window
Ocotillo Desert Coyote Shower Window