Glass Doors – Same Frosted Design. Different Effect. Different Price.

Glass doors with etched and frosted designs by Sans Soucie will provide the privacy you need, thru beautiful works of art captured in glass.  All glass is hand sandblast etched and can be executed in a variety of ways, resulting in not only a different look, but a different price.   Using our beautiful Sun Odyssey design to demonstrate, all the doors below feature the same design, done in different sandblast or leaded glass effect.   Prices here include a prehung pair of dual pane, tempered glass front doors in our smooth surface fiberglass door  (as shown, with Doors, Jambs, threshold, door sweep.  Door is white primed, Plastpro Fiberglass door).  Customize your door in our online Glass and Door Designer where you will see instant pricing and can place your order right online!   Available any size, in 8 woods, 2 fiberglass or as glass insert only, our glass and doors ship from our Studio in Palm Desert, California, worldwide for $99 to most states.

                                   Same Design.

                                      Different Effect.

                                          Different $ Price.


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glass doors pos
Positive Effect $1,694


glass doors etched sun ody neg
Negative Effect $1,726


glass front doors frosted pinst
Pinstripe Effect $1,727


Solid Frost 100% Private $1,907



glass front doors frosted
2D Etched and Shaded with a Clear Background $2,767


glass doors
2D Etched and Shaded with a Gluechipped Backfground for obscurity. $3,274


2D 100% Private $2,947



glass doors
3D Carved with a Clear Background $3,780


3D Carved and Shaded with a Gluechipped Background for obscurity. $4,034


glass front entry doors
3D Carved and Shaded, a little less private $4,034


3D Carved and Painted, and 100% Private (shown here Hickory Door Frames) $5,172


glass doors
3D Carved and Frosted 100% Private $4,106


Leaded Glass $5,234 (Triple Pane Glass)