Decorative Glass Mirrors- Great for any room!

Isn’t it amazing how one piece of decor can instantly brighten up a room? Whether it is modern, victorian, contemporary or just beautiful! The right piece can make the just the right statement you are going for. Sans Soucie Art Glass offers you the perfect opportunity to bring that room of yours to life! Decorative Glass Mirrors can be just the thing!

Our Leopard Mirror for instance… offers such an elegant, yet fun environment. (Our leopard mirror design is hand carved and painted right in our shop by our very skilled and professional staff).

If you are wanting to make a big and bold statement, our Fair Maiden II may be for you. (This glass is a “3D SCULPTURE CARVED SANDBLAST” A “multi-stage” sandblast where the artist sandblast carves the design, one small segment at a time, cutting deep into the glass, creating a sculpted, relief texture of varying depths.  The edges of the carved shapes within the image will illuminate and appear whiter and brighter as they pick up and reflect the surrounding light.)

These are just two of the several designs that Sans Soucie Art Glass has to offer. Glass art pieces can make all the difference!


Decorative Mirror- Leopard



Decorative Mirror- Fair Maiden