Interior Glass Doors with Frosted Mountain Scenes

Interior glass doors with frosted mountain scenes work very well for beauty and functionality because they create the privacy needed in the lower area of the glass, while allowing for a clear area up top, creating a nice open feel.  Shown below are 6 glass doors, all with etched mountain scenes, all sandblast etched, but each one is a different effect, making each one a different price.   So it’s the same quality design, but  in different effects – some effects are quicker, requiring less skill, and others that take much longer to create and require a much higher level of skill by the sandblast artist.   The result is a wide range in price, with both achieving the same end result:  A pretty glass door that allows light to enter the room while providing privacy, at different price ranges to fit different budgets!  Check out our video about sandblast effects for more info.

Desert Mountains II 3D Door $1,340
Mountains Foliage Door Negative $537
Desert Mountains I 3D Door $1,340
Mountains Door Pinstripe $537
Frosted Mountains 2D Door $737
Desert in Bloom 3D in Color Door $1,840

Also, if you’ve already got a door frame and are planning to change your door, then a glass door insert is all you need.  Frosted glass doors are a great solution for entries or any room where privacy is needed, perfect for many types of doors such as sliding pocket doors, bi-fold and also the most popular:  French doors. Interior glass doors are ideal for a new home or a great replacement to a solid door, which prevents sunlight from coming into the entry.  Also popular for bedroom, pantry, laundry room, and office!

If you’re interested in getting a modern or stylish look, choose something with a more geometric, simple line design.   The etching (also known as frosting) provides privacy without obstructing light from entering. This is one of the main reasons why the use of Frosted glass has remained popular for entry doors and windows. This Frosted glass is created using  sandblast etching (or carving) and some of our glass will also encompass acid etching. As the glass is made using a number of recycled materials, they are eco-friendly. These glass doors represent style and class and are an excellent choice for home or business.

Prices below are for Interior 1-3/8 Douglas Fir door frame with the art glass pre-installed.  Also available are 8 woods, and 1-3/4 entry doors, also in 8 wood types as well Fiberglass, in both a smooth surface and grain texture having a wood-like appearance.