Glass Pantry Doors That Make a Statement

Door with Decorative Glass

These pantry doors truly make a statement with frosted glass panels that display the names of all sorts of goodies typically found in our pantries like cereal, pasta, tea, canned goods and the like!  This design, called Pantry Goods, is shown in two different types of glass or glass effects.  Both feature the same design and both are sandblasted, but one features the lettering in clear glass, while on the other the lettering is sandblasted white and the opposite side of the glass is etched overall.  The clear letters will show up as dark when the door is closed, and the pantry light is off (which of course is most of the time), but still creates enough obscurity that you can’t see into the pantry.  The other is in our etched privacy glass that blocks all view, with the lettering appearing all white.  The sandblasted letters are on the exterior surface (the surface you face as you open the pantry door). 

A decorative glass pantry door truly adds a quality, custom touch to any kitchen.   More than just cupboards, a walk in pantry with a full lite French door is a huge advantage over a small cupboard type pantry, not just for the amount of items that can be kept there, but for ease of accessibility since generally they allow for a small walk in space.

Usually glass pantry doors will comprise some type of decorative glass, and most often it’s some form of frosted or etched glass.   “Practical yet pretty” is the goal when it comes to adding a glass pantry door!

At Sans Soucie you can purchase the whole door or the glass insert only.  Check out our Pantry Doors Gallery where you can see some samples and make your way into the Door Designer where you design and customize your glass and your door just the way you want it!