Chipped Edge Fireplace Mantel Shelf

Unique glass shelves can be made in any shape or size to perfectly fit over your fireplace or anywhere else you’re in need of a custom glass shelf.  This shelf is 74″ wide with a varying depth in irregular chipped edges ranging approx. 6-9″ deep, and the glass is 3/4″ thick.   The edging is done by hand where the glass artist literally chips away at the edge, and then hand polishes.   The shelf is supported by custom metal rests that are hand fabricated and powder coated in a deep brown finish.  Powder coating can be done in almost any color in a variety of finishes and textures.  The price for the glass shelf 74 x 9 is $940, the metal supports are $930.  Another popular size (matching up to fireplace widths) is 52 x 9, and the price for the glass in that size is $690.  Glass is custom made to order and will usually take 6 weeks to fabricate and ship.    Glass is custom packaged in-house, ships via UPS Freight with a 1 to 4 day transit and will range in price between $149 – $225 depending on destination.

Sans Soucie creates custom glass shelves with an endless selection of edges and designs that can be applied.  Visit our Glass Shelves Gallery to see more!


Chipped Edge Fireplace Mantel Shelf is 74 x 9, 3/4″ thick Glass with hand chipped and polished edges and Tree Branch design metal supports that are powder coated in a rich, deep brown. Glass $940 Supports $930


Full view of the 74 x 9 shelf. Glass is 3/4″ Thick.
Close up of the Chipped and Polished Edging – all done by hand. The glass edge glows a beautiful green. Glass could also be Starphire clear, if a less green effect is desired.
Tree Branch, hand crafted steel support bases, powder coated in a rich brown finish.