New Glass Door Designs From Sans Soucie

We have Exciting Brand New Designs for our Glass Doors collection!  Today I will show all three New Doors, the first being Our Desert Mountain in 3D!  This simple yet beautiful design is semi-private, 3D carved and Etched.  In being semi-private the Glass Etching will only cover a portion of your Glass, although it would not change an beauty of the piece its one that you would want where seeing on the other side of the door would be helpful or an open room.  3D Carved means that the design features a sculpted, relief texture of varying depths. Edges of carving will illuminate bright as they pick up and reflect surrounding light. This design is timeless so if you have plans one day to sell your home the next owner would enjoy it just as much as you did!

Here at Sans Soucie we make all our glass custom to order.  So If you liked this design then you would want to check out our Gallery for other photos views! Also check out our Houzz where we also have Tons of Ideas for your Home using Glass!

Desert Mountain 3D
Etched Desert Mountain Glass Design
Close Up of Desert Mountain 3D
Close Up of Desert Mountain 3D