Decorative Mirrors Enhances The Decor of any Room!

A decorative etched & carved mirror by Sans Soucie Art Glass can make any room look STUNNING!

There is no Limit to textures and patterns, it can be etched & carved as a mirror frame or all mirror design.  The design can be applied on either the front or back surface, depending of course on the design elements as well as the desired effect.  Etching on the front will create a double image, which in some cases is undesirable, in other cases, perfect!   Mirrors are fantastic for creating a spacious and open feel,  but a custom art piece  mirror by Sans Soucie is what makes it Custom and Unique!     Also available is Color to your design to create the desired effect, complimenting the surrounding decor.  Click here to view our vast array of beautifully Etched, Carved and painted  mirrors.

Big Horn Sheep Desert Mirror: Glass Wall Art


Golden Cypress




Leopard Mirror


Barrel Cactus