Custom Sculpture Carved and Painted Glass Signs

Custom glass sign, with logo and lettering sculpture carved and painted glass. The background can be solid frost sandblasted. Sans Soucie Art Glass specializes in custom made, etched and carved glass signs that are engraved through sandblasting the letters and/or + logo on to the glass. The letters and logo can be either etched on the surface of the glass, OR they can be 3-dimensionally sculpture carved into the glass, or engraved, which creates a look of the lettering and logo literally “floating” in the glass.

Any custom color can be added to the carved glass surface. The glass must be carved in order to be able to add color Sometimes solid or metalic colors are added, but most often, a transparent color is selected, so that light can pass thru, creating lettering and logos that are not only 3-dimensional, but now have illuminated color.

There’s a huge advantage of sandblasting the glass with lettering and logos, verses just using vinyl sign lettering in that the sandblasted surface will never peel up, chip, fade or disintegrate. And of course, there’s no comparison between vinyl lettering and the look and feel or 3-dimensionally carved and painted glass that’s illuminated!
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