Stunning Glass Pantry Doors

Pantry doors by Sans Soucie Art Glass add a beautiful, custom element to your kitchen!  The glass is hand sandblast etched and carved, this door featuring two Sans Soucie designs on one:  Vineyard Grapes Garland and Bread Basket.  Both are 3D sculpture carved into the glass.

Visit Sans Soucie’s Pantry Doors Gallery today to see dozens of designs to choose from, in a wide range in price.  Glass is available in 3 effects, all done by sandblasting:  Solid Frost, 2D Surface etched and 3D Carved.  Watch our Sandblast Effects Video for further demonstration. Create obscurity from seeing into your pantry, thru a beautiful work of art in glass by Sans Soucie!

Sans Soucie’s Garland Grapes & Bread Basket Glass Pantry Door.

Close up of Carved Glass Bread Basket Design by Sans Soucie