Laundry Room Doors with Custom Frosted Glass Door Inserts

August 27, 2011

Custom designed Laundry Room Doors featuring frosted sandblasted designs by Sans Soucie Art Glass, will make doing laundry a lot more fun!  (Well, at least you’ll enjoy the view as you enter!)  Our “Thru the Wringer” design, custom drawn by owner/artist Chauncey W. Gannett features an old fashioned wash board and wringer, with overflowing suds and bubbles.  Unlike the average laundry design seen on an etched glass door that is a “clip art” design, glass doors by Sans Soucie, are quality custom creations, drawn and designed by hand.  It’s what sets us apart from anything else like it!

Solid Frost Effect
Dimensional Effect

Thru the Wringer is offered in three different sandblast effects:  Solid Frost, Dimensional and 3D Sculpture Carved.

Solid Frost Effect

Designs are available in 3 different Sandblast Effects:

Dimensional Effect
3D Carved Effect

SOLID FROST – An overall solid sandblast where the design elements are Clear Glass, and the background is solid sandblasted.

DIMENSIONAL – Requiring the skill of an artist, the design is sandblasted one small segment at a time.  Similar to 3D Carved, a Dimensional Surface Etching has shaded areas where the sandblasting fades back out to clear glass.  This creates a beautiful dimensional effect, but the sandblasting  is on the TOP SURFACE ONLY, and is NOT cut deep into the glass, like 3D Carved Glass.

3D CARVED – The most dramatic effect, the artist sandblast carves the design, one small segment at a time, cutting deep into the glass, creating a sculpted, relief texture of varying depths.  The edges of the carved shapes within the image will illuminate and appear whiter and brighter as they pick up and reflect the surrounding light.

Watch our short Demo Video to see examples of these.