Laundry room glass design!

Heres an etched glass laundry room door design! This design and many others can be found in our Pantry door designer! (Click HERE to start designing your pantry door) At Sans Soucie we can sandblast the same design 3 different ways. Below are all 3 techniques in the same “Thru the Wringer” design. The first Photo is SOLID FROST, where the design is made up of clear pinstripes and is a single stage sandblast. The next is a DIMENSIONAL SURFACE ETCH, multi-stage sandblast etching, where the artist sandblasts the design, one small segment at a time, creating a dimensional effect. Similar to 3D Carved, Dimensional sandblast has “shaded areas” where the sandblasting fades back out to clear glass.  This creates a beautiful dimensional effect, but the sandblasting  is on the top surface ONLY, and is not cut deep into the glass, like 3D CARVED. (The last photo displayed)