Etched Glass Doors in Wrought Iron Motif

Take a look at these gorgeous etched frosted glass doors by Sans Soucie Art Glass featuring wrought iron or ironwork designs.  Depending on the door location, Sans Soucie will sandblast the glass for the level of privacy needed.  In the “Concorde” design the glass has been 3D carved with a gluechip texture background added to create a beautiful contrast as well as obscurity.  The “Corazones 1” glass is solid frosted glass, with the wrought iron design elements solid clear bands.  In “Corazones 2” , the design lines are double lines, creating a bit more obscurity.

“Concorde” Entry Door Glass
Corazones 1 (“solid negative sandblast”)
Corazones 2

Sans Soucie creates unlimited designs styles for door glass.  To see more designs like these on lots of architectural glass products such as doors, windows, showers, etc, visi tour Wrought Iron Design Gallery.

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